Collect Dragonero: this is why it is the best time to start!

Published on Feb 02, 2018

After a long, grueling wait, we are finally at the beginning of the Saga of the Black Queens of Dragonero. The fantasy series of the Bonelli has built in its path characterization rather strong of the setting in which they move Ian and his companions, making the best of a continuity, that of the register in the register has given the body to one of the narrative contexts of the more detailed and accurate the last few years. And already this should be a good reason to start collecting Dragonero.

The particularity of this moment of Dragonero is the way in which the two creators of the series, Luca Enoch and Stefano Vietti, have set the birth of this saga. Despite the months that we are preparing for this epic battle, the number 54, Killers of dragons, it is potentially a good starting point for our eventual collection of Dragonero. Of course, follow from the first issue of the adventures of our Ian is a great adventure, but for those who are late to the knowledge of this character, the Saga of the Queens is an unmissable opportunity to get to know the Erondar.

To better understand the dynamics of this long saga, that will keep us company in 2018, however, we need a little help, or a guide to the numbers that are essential for starting to collect Dragonero, to be able to feel safe on some particular passages of the saga of the Black Queens.

The ideal would be to leave, as we said, from the comic-strip Novel, which in 2007 was the beginning of the myth of our Ian. Register now rare and often presented in prices are quite substantial, is the object of desire of the most passionate readers of Dragonero, but those who start in this period, his adventure in the Erondar can rely on The Origins (the story of Enoch and Vietti, drawings Matteoni), the first of the collection of book-related Dragonero.

This is a new version of the original story of 2007, which is presented in full and with the colouring of Paolo Francescutto. In this volume are contained the essential points of the personality of Ian, the formation of his group of adventurers (Gmor, Sera, Myrva and Alben), and above all, the encounter with one of the forces in play during the Saga of the Black Queens. The best way to begin collecting Dragonero!

The second step, the double adventure present in numbers 10 and 11 of the regular series, The Pits of Fargh (Enoch and Gregorini), and the queen of The algenti (Enoch and Malisan). This is the ideal continuation of the origins of the myth of Ian, an essential point we start collecting Dragonero. Let's find out what happened after the mission beyond the wall seen in the first story of the saga, including by assisting in the birth of a dangerous enemy to Ian and the Empire. The story of Enoch is impeccable as always, and the drawings of Gianluigi Gregorini and Luca Malisan are sensational, outlining to perfection in our heroes.

Our collection of Dragonero can not miss a double story that was initially published in issues 15 and 16, the Intrigues at court, and Down in the Inframondo, then subsequently collected in the volume from the collection Threat to the Empire. With this history of Enoch designed by Giancarlo Olivares begins to take shape a game of shadows that hides the ancient secrets, the basis for the future saga of the Black Queens. During his stay at the court, Ian and his companions attend in an attempt to kill a member of the imperial family, ending the murder and chasing the culprit in the dark dimension of the Inframondo.

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With this episode of the adventures of Dragonero, we are also witnessing is the first real characterization of the life of the court, but above all, we know the chancellor Ausofer, and a mysterious individual who will soon be of great importance. Collect Dragonero means to recover absolutely these two albums, or the book that collects them, because this is the first case in which the Empire of the Erondar appears to us in the form of bureaucracy, including its vision of expansion and the struggles with the powers of the bordering minors.

Linked to this adventure to the court, and useful in the prediction of the Saga of the Black Queens, is a second double story that should not miss in our collection of Dragonero. The infection and The agony of Yastrad (the history of the Vietti and Enoch, drawings Gregorini and Olivares) to bring our Ian and his travelling companions face a deadly epidemic in one of the neighboring kingdoms, Lehoran. This nation had been indicated as responsible for the attack on the court of Erondar seen as a Threat to the empire.

In our collection of Dragonero, these two stories of the double are important because they show the side of the most secretive and machiavellian Empire Erondariano, presenting Ausofer, the registrar, who controls everything that happens in the shadows of the power of the court. The first steps of the Saga of the Black Queens have moved in these two stories, intriguing history of the readers about certain dynamics that move the power games of the empire, thanks to the clear aversion of the Ian to the machinations of the court.

But let's not forget that our Ian Aranill is a scout in the imperial, may therefore be missing in the collection of Dragonero a story that brings out this aspect? For Khame, of course, no! And the ideal is the number 24, Through the Erondar, in which we assist at the annual gathering of the scouts, thanks to a small anthology of short stories written by Stefano Vietti and designed by Giuseppe de Luca, Marcello Mangiantini and Gianluca Gugliotta. Through the Erondar is an essential number for our collection of Dragonero, since that provides a better view of the role of the scout, in addition to presenting Briana, a scout which our Ian seems to be very tied up, and offer the first reference to the Black Queens, in the history of The tale of Yannah.

Unable to collect Dragonero and do not have the number 39, Cutting machine Cruel (Enoch, with the designs of Gugliotta and Gizzi). The sword of Ian is one of the elements of a narrative central to his character, and his particular relationship with the soul of the scout has long been the subject of attention from Readers. SaevasĂȘctha is the symbol of the character, his legacy as Varliedarto, slayer of dragons. In this story we begin to better understand his importance to Ian, and how their symbiosis is important in the life of the scout.


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