Collapsing the ratings of the afternoon: the italians come out or turn off the tv?


Published on Apr 09, 2020


You know that always, the arrival of April also marks the first great decrease in the physiological, for what concerns the ratings, in particular those of the afternoon. We thought that this year, because of the forced quarantine, things would change, since you do not work, do not go to school and stay at home. And already from a couple of days, in this part, we started to notice how the ratings of the afternoon have started to decline. At this point, however, we ask ourselves a question: is the data auditel reflect what the authorities tell us, namely, that many italians are not adhering to the rules and move more and more often coming out of the house ( the part of these beautiful days of spring), or the audience turns off the tv a little interested to hear always the same old story?

Because the problem of programs aired these days is that he continues to speak, want or do not want, always of the same things. The is not determined of course by the conductors or by the authors of the programs), even if, perhaps, it would be time to go back to the talk of another.

We are reminded that life in direct, could make space, perhaps, of the interviews fun to read with the stars Beijing Express, also saw the great success of the program of Rai 2; there is in mind that in the Afternoon 5 we would have been able to do that, also in view of the final of Big Brother VIP. People are tired of hearing always the same things. And it is good that you should tell, it is also good that in the studio you can't have guests but it's true that you could do anything else. Imagine, for instance, Licia Nunez or Antonio Zequila, were guests yesterday of Big Brother in the study of Rome, you would also be able to connect with the Afternoon 5 ( just for say). It is only an example because it is true that the period is complicated for everyone, but it is also true that the links to skype and the like, may also be the most interesting.

There is some doubt that the public turns off the tv in the afternoon or goes out of the house not respecting the rules? Decrease also in this sense, the ratings of the soap. The Paradise of the lord that had touched peaks of more than 2.7 million viewers yesterday it stops to an average audience of 2.4. Goes down also The secret without the coupling of the day-time Friends...And listen to de La vita in diretta", and in the Afternoon 5 collapse.

We see the numbers with the data from auditel its day-to-day dell’8 April 2020.

On Bbc1 Journal of House1.763.000 spectators, and 8.58%. Live Life 1.690.000 spectators equal to 9.09% of the audience, in the first part, and 2.165.000 spectators equal to 14.19% in the second part. The Paradise of the Lord 2.481.000 viewers with 17.15%. Life Direct 2.227.000 viewers with 13.86% (presentation: 1.779.000 – 12.54%). On Rai 1, we are well away from the more than 3 million viewers did last week.

On Canale5 Beautiful You and Us (duration 1 minute) 3.538.000 spectators equal to 16.22%. Beautiful 3.227.000 viewers with 15.17%. A Life has convinced 2.796.000 viewers with 14.55% share. To follow Pure Country: A Song in the Heart 1.626.000 viewers with 10.51%. Big Brother Vip 1.883.000 spectators with the 13.61%. The Secret 2.356.000 spectators equal to 16.58% of the share. Afternoon Five 2.043.000 viewers (13.71%), in the first part, 2.110.000 viewers (12.34%), in the second part, and 2.098.000 viewers (11.35%) in the last part of the short-term. Channel 5 would be Men and Women today, more than ever, will return in wave after Easter? It could happen.

The feeling is that they are happening different things. The italians were tired of being in front of the tv and try to get out, between spending to do, the walk with the dog, jog with the kids, the trash to throw; if they invent any. And the programs devoid of ideas, not to like for the reason of which, those who remain in the house, turn off the tv or looking elsewhere for something to see.

The choices of the public, from these pages we will always continue, and in any case, to thank all of the professionals that in these days they continue to work because going live is not easy for anyone. From conductors to drivers passing through the sent. The work remains very good.

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