Code Vein: new details on story and characters


Published on Jan 26, 2018


Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe has revealed how players can form alliances with various characters in her upcoming action-RPG, Code Vein.

The Home is the main meeting point in the vast and desolate world of the VEIN. This old chapel remodeled in reality, it is a kind of fortress for the players, where they will meet the various merchants and NPCS, including Davis, committed to exploring the Depth, or the merchant Coco, which sells some rare items.

Also Performance sells weapons and improves its equipment thanks to the transformation. By undertaking some missions relating to various NPCS, players can also increase its Affinity, and thus have the opportunity to obtain items more powerful.

Code Vein is an action-RPG in the third person, that sees players take the role of a born-again. From the birth of Silence during the Great Ruin, Operation Overthrow and the provisional Government, and Cerberus... players will be able to face this particular world with a companion for the adventure chosen among the various inhabitants of the Vein, so as to reveal the lost memories and escape from this new and crazy reality.

Code Vein will be available in 2018 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC via STEAM .

Code Vein: new details on the story and characters are




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