Coconut cake

Published on Jul 20, 2019

The coconut cake is a sweet, fluffy, delicate and flavorful at the same time. According to me it is perfect for breakfast or for a snack, but if you combine a scoop of ice cream or a little chocolate ganache (or both!) it will make even more delicious and you can serve it as a sweet end to the meal 😉 What to say... if you, like me, you adore coconut in all its forms, you definitely need to try this recipe: wait until you get towards the end of cooking, and you will feel a wonderful aroma to explode all over the house!
If instead you love the combination of coconut and nutella, I leave the link to the cake coconut a little while ago, one of the favorite desserts from my husband 😉

Whip the eggs with the sugar until they become clear and foamy.
Then add little by little while you continue to assemble, first the oil and then the coconut milk.

Mix in flour and baking powder sifted, and last the united anhce the coconut flour and salt.

Pour the mixture into the mold lined with parchment paper and bake at 170°C for about 40 minutes in the oven already hot.

Once ready, sprinkle with a little flour and coconut, then let it cool completely coconut cake before serving.


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