Climate change is causing the increase of strong turbulence on the plane

Published on Apr 07, 2017

In the plane of the board the applicant of the flight attendants is to always keep your seat belt fastened, and in the future there will be one more reason to do it. The effect of climate change, strong turbulence, the ones that fight for passengers without seatbelts fastened, it may become much more frequent, even two, three times. To suggest it is a study at the University of Reading published in the journal Advances in Atmospheric Sciences (AAS) of the chinese Academy of Sciences. Climate change is causing the increase of strong turbulence in an airplane. The reason, the researchers said, lies in the fact that the changes in the climate could have an impact on sudden variations of wind intensity and direction, to the inside of the jet streams. These variations are a common phenomenon in atmospheric“wind shear” in the jargon) and are among the main causes of the turbulence. According to this study, should be to increase, becoming stronger. Strong turbulence to +149%. Researchers have examined the turbulence of different magnitude in reference to the jet stream over the North Atlantic and North America in order to estimate the changes they will encounter, thanks to sophisticated computer simulations. According to the models of analysis developed, on average, the turmoil read into the atmosphere will increase by 59%, those with mild-to-moderate 75%, moderate 94%, moderate to strong 127%, and those strong of 149%. The turbulence referred to as the “strong” are the ones that send us to the hospital the passengers or flight attendants that are not seated with their seatbelts fastened.(ANSA)

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