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Published on Jan 19, 2018


We continue our discussion on the best applications for Google's Android platform because today we'll touch on a topic very dear to many users. Now is the time to deepen the topic, to all those app clean Android. Before continuing, take a reading to what is cache memory and how to empty it in Android: many of the devices still suffer from this problem and you will find everything is explained in the following article.

If your Android device has slowed down, there are several things you can do to bring him back to work correctly. We down talked about how to speed up Android and eliminate the lag in order to improve the performance of your smartphone or tablet.

We know that this is a topic much debated and controversial issue, some consider unnecessary cleaning and recommend a reset of the terminal to drastically solve things and get it back fast. In this guide you can read how to do it.

In reality the situation is complex, the reset is an effective procedure and will speed up definitely the tablet or the smartphone but will also delete files and settings. So it is advisable to try to clean the file, freeing up the internal memory (which is one of the main causes of the slowdown of the terminals based on Android), with the possibility to improve the performance without having to reinstall everything.

A way to wipe the internal memory is to delete the cache of some applications which are not fundamental, you can examine this aspect by our guide.

In fact, there are apps for cleaning Android capable of slowing down the phone, and then virtually useless if not harmful (Clean master? Yes, we have it also with you!), in addition, some of the cleaner incorporate task killer on Android are more harmful than useful, undermining the management of the RAM memory of the Android and also causing a decline in the autonomy of the battery.

We see, therefore, the best app to clean up seriously, and speed up really your device from useless files.

An excellent, free solution, not too invasive and a note home Piriform already famous for the windows version of CCleaneer. The app is completely free, simple to use and very effective. I will not dwell on the description because we have already in-depth this app.

Unlike other solutions by the large numbers, the app for the cleaning of Avast is convincing for the low amount of advertising coupled with good and modern interface. Also has cleaning capabilities advanced that it allows you to select which files to delete.

Very interesting the possibility to move your files automatically on the cloud to make space. Find the Avast Cleanup free on the play store.

It is not the app with the best graphics among those proposals, but it is one of the most efficient. The app – translating in Italian the name – it would be called, home of the SD and just as a household will be able to do cleaning in your Android smartphone or tablet. The app is one of the most efficient in performing its tasks, allows you to delete the remains of the applications, clean your system files, optimize the database, delete the duplicate files, and even contacts.

And’ also available a pro version about 3€ which unlocks additional options. If you want to try SDMaid can be found for free at this address in the store.

We now turn to an app that is interesting, simple and with many many options. Power Clean is many things, and always fairly well: the app is easy to use, and this probably has given her some success. Power Clean is free on the play store, you can find it at this address.

If you do the cleaning of junk files is not enough for you, try History Eraser that allows you not only to clean the cache of the app but also and above all the old sms messages, contacts, browser history, and much more. History Eraser is an excellent app, very useful to protect your privacy, you free and can be found on the Google Play Store.

To protect your privacy, if you want to wipe your data and be sure that they can not be recovered, here's our guide about to delete Android file permanently, preventing the recovery.

If, however, you clean the internal memory of your smartphone continues to go slowly, now is the time to think of a nice restore to factory condition.

These are our proposals: you which application you prefer to to clean Android?

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