Claudio Amendola: “I don't give anything of my personal data”


Published on Apr 23, 2020


The actor Claudio Amendola, a guest of the Circus Maximus on Capital Radio, he also spoke of the new app Immune to trace the outbreaks from Covid-19. Lately there has been much discussion on the lack of privacy that would result from the use of this app. “I find the controversy a bit tiresome,” commented the roman actor. “Scaricherò the app, it seems to me to have understood that can you give us a hand”, talking about the need to contribute to the protection of the people and the uselessness of protecting personal data. “Of my personal data I do not give anything,” the actor said. And he added, “What should go to see my personal data that I have to protect?”

The app Immune, already in field testing, will come to the users (probably in may) in the version of decentralized, wanted Apple and Google to a more privacy guarantee. Choice from the pressures coming from multiple parties and numerous experts, who pointed out that only a decentralized model could provide the principles for the contact tracking, under the recommendation of the european Commission of 8 April 2020, and our Privacy.

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Claudio Amendola is also expressed on the crisis, pandemic, current: “I can No more feel that everything will be fine”. And speaking of phase 2, stresses Amendola: “I do Not believe that we will be ready for the opening on may 4. I'm afraid that as soon as we will give away free sbrodoleremo outside the house in an uncontrolled manner”. What is really going to happen we don't know. During the interview we also talked about how the coronavirus will change the world of the show. “I'm reading the rules which we should keep on the set and it is practically impossible to work,” he said doubtfully Claudio.

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Even on the sets of films and tv series will of course need to meet certain safety standards, which according to Claudio Amendola will make it very difficult to work. “They say they disinfect the places that I do, and I disinfect it shed abandoned where there is the chase scene?” and again, “Like I do to kiss an actress?”, these are the questions the actor. Many are the doubts of Claudio Amendola, who, among other things, is also the owner of a restaurant.

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