Claudia Mori speaks of Adrian, and explains why it was moved


Published on Mar 01, 2019


After so much writing and talk, this time to have their say, are the stakeholders. Claudia Mori has in fact released a long interview to Repubblica where he speaks to Adrian, the displacement of the show and the cartoon and all of the criticism in these two months are arrived. The wife of Adriano Celentano points out several things: first of all, no one believes that Adrian has been a flop; in the second place, the program is no longer aired for the real health problems of Adriano Celentano. And to finish off the Mori also reveals that Mediaset has not spent 20 million euros, and speaks of a figure sensationalist.

The wife of Adriano Celentano seems to not understand the criticisms of those who spoke to the flop in relation to Adrian and gives his interpretation:

“Talk about a failure when the series has just started, it seems to me a bit reckless, especially when it comes to Adriano, because with him the surprises are unimaginable. Also, she qualifies as a failure to a different project from the ones that Channel 5 will broadcast in prime time and that, with respect to such programming, has been listening, however, considerable.

This is why, according to Claudia Mori, the program would have been moved to:

“The program was moved only because Hadrian was a victim, like many italians, a heavy ailment of the season, a very strong bronchitis that is having a long healing and will need an adequate period of convalescence (...) With Mediaset, we decided to avoid the risk of a relapse of the emperor Hadrian, in addition to resume the broadcast in a period of the end of the television season, known to be non-favourable“

With these words, then the Moors and also puts to rest all the rumors that have taken place in the last few weeks.

As you know, many of the criticisms of the program, have been made for the costs that Mediaset would have to face to make this show. Even before that, Adrian went on the air, the figure of which he spoke was around 20 million euros. The Moors can not believe that is the exit out of this figure, and denies it categorically. Here are his words:

“I wonder whence arises the reference to this figure. It seems to me that they are all just very biased about this project, as shown also by a media hype sensationalistic, which gives credit to the many baseless rumors without verification.”

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