Clash Royale: in the new mode Touchdown


Published on Oct 05, 2017


In essence, this new game mode incoming for Clash Royale will give players the opportunity to play a football game in the style of the Clash Royale, in which each of the two teams that will compete will be composed of 4 elements each.

To be able to win the game the aim will be to advance their team to the inside of the opposing field, so that you can score a touchdown and earn a crown.

You can take a look at this new game mode for Clash Royale in this video a little further down, where you can see everything that was passed during the recent live streaming:

As you could see, you would think that the new mode Touchdown will be a lot of fun and will certainly be the new lifeblood in the Clash Royale, because you may attract the attention of fans of football and sports video games.

Touchdowns come on the Clash Royale during the course of the month of October, along with the next update for this title.


Source: BC.

Clash Royale: in the new mode Touchdown is




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