Clarissa Marchese bride romantic and sophisticated? On the social rain of criticism for the former tronista


Published on Jun 01, 2019


As you may know, the 30th of may, Frederick Gregucci and Clarissa Marchese were married and became husband and wife, realizing their big dream. A wedding is very social but also television thanks to the presence of the two in one of the last episodes of both Men and Women. So then the curiosity of those who wanted to then search for the photos of this wedding to see the bride, the groom, and of course, to “spy” on the look of all the guests. Yesterday, Clarissa, has posted on his profile Instagram a photo, thanks to all the people who have made this possible marriage, with a picture of her, and consider herself to be a romantic bride and sophisticated. Two adjectives that but, apparently, they are not very liked to the fans of the former tronista of Men and Women who have rejected some of his choices for this wedding.

Clarissa is perhaps one of the most beautiful troniste views in the program of Channel 5: the mediterranean, with the shapes in the right place, with the facial features of a porcelain doll. And maybe you expected something different on their wedding day. The people who follow him with affection, and that they wanted to have their say, criticandola, but always in a very polite, have pointed out that perhaps, “romantic and sophisticated” they were not the right adjectives to describe the choices of look. The reason for this?

First of all the choice of red: red lips and red nails. According to the criticoni these choices are to be completely retained. For brides-to-be, especially if the ceremony is in the evening and in the church, you should never opt for a make-up so heavy, and for of the nail is so eye-catching, the bare should win, but Clarissa has opted for this bright red reminiscent of the red roses in the bouquet that has not convinced anyone.

The hair and earrings. Clarissa, in its simplicity, has chosen to leave the hair along the back, also to cover the neckline definitely very flashy for a wedding in the church. But his fans disagree about the clips that he used to complete the look as well as the two earrings are not too large and a little in tune with the rest of the look.

The dress definitely very beautiful, according to those who follow the former tronista on social media, but ill-suited to a church ceremony because of the necklines and transparencies.

For my wedding look romantic and sophisticated that I have always dreamed of 🌹 In @wycon_cosmetics #adv #WyconxTheWedding #MarchesucciWedding #truelastfoundation #lipstick #mattificent225 thanks @lollomilano74_real

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Clarissa you are beautiful but for a bride, I watched it too heavy like make-up, it would have been better a trick the more natural 😘

Hello Clarissa , I hope you not offend you , you are beautiful and if the day of your wedding you dreamt of so, goes very well and we don't must scrub anything , but according to me the dress so low-cut was not suitable for a religious ceremony , the earrings were too big and the red on lips and nails, according to me, is not suitable for a wedding ; I guess they resumed the color of the bouquet that was, in fact, red roses , but for me, it was a bit too tacky and I would have expected something different !

And what do you think of the look chosen by Clarissa for her wedding? Maybe because Clarissa is so beautiful, we expected something different for you, but if you was happy and satisfied, that's okay! Still wishes to this beautiful couple.

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