Civil unions, the M5S will not vote for the “supercanguro”, the Pd takes time: a reference to the 24/2

Published on Feb 18, 2016

Monica Cirinnà announces that if the law on civil partnerships will upset you withdraw from the policy, because the M5S has decided not to vote for the “supercanguro” attracting the criticism of the Democratic Party after a long parliamentary debate and national that has raged in Italy – including the corollaries of the “Family Day” and “Vaffa-day”, which is now announced to the grillini – while at the border Turkish-syrian risk a Third world war, the Schengen is suspended, Britain threatens to leave the european Union and the eastern Countries of the Eu agree with each other in open rebellion to Merkel to build a wall of anti-migrants in the Balkans. An account are the foreign, the other interior; but in view of the contingencies of the “supercanguro” that ends up jumping on the ddl appears surreal. The outcome, however, is postponed to February 24.

It is necessary to unravel the tangle for synthesis. Monica Cirinnà (senator Pd) is the first signatory of the bill divided into two chapters: the first provides for the introduction in Italian legislation of civil Union between persons of the same sex "as a specific social formation, within the meaning of article 2 of the Constitution." In semantics a first distinction between “new unions” and “marriage” spoken of in the art.29 of the Constitution. The act introduces a new institute of family Law, distinct from marriage, understood as the combination of the different sexes. In subsequent articles will govern the procedures for the establishment of civil Unions, causes of impediment, the rights and duties resulting from the union, the rights of successors of the contracting parties and the dissolution of the union.

In section 5 we talk about stepchild adoption, that is, the possibility to adopt the child of a partner, that will be a node thorny in the approval process. Chapter II (articles 11 to 23) defines the partnership; duties of assistance, rights of residence in the home town of residence, the obligation of maintenance in case of cessation; equals the rights of the surviving partner to those of the surviving spouse; provides for causes of the nullity of the contract of cohabitation.

On this ddl had been deposited thousands of amendments from the Northern League. To jump, and as such always partial summary – you have thought of a “supercanguro”, that is, an amendment that would have allowed him to streamline the process by eliminating the discussion on the amount of amendments tabled by the opposition, which, according to the majority, are nothing more than obstructionism. The League – against the law – it had reduced from 5000 to 580 its amendments asking the Pd – that instead of the supports, at least in the majority of his senators: you say that the area catto-dem disliked the stepchild adoption in what is already provided for by the law on adoptions of’83, albeit with more complex process – to pick up the “supercanguro” Andrea Marcucci that, if approved, would have dropped all of the changes of the opposition. The Pd, however, has decided not to withdraw it ("The kangaroo remains, has a goal healthy," said the group leader, Luigi Zanda in the classroom), while the M5S, with 35 senators, said they did not have the intention to vote, together with Forza Italia, Popular Area and the Alloy. At that point, the voting on the amendment Marcucci has been postponed at the request of Sel, and the postponement was approved with the votes determinants of Ala, the group of Denis Verdini, who on several occasions has voted with the government. Date: the 24th of February.

The democratic Zanda: "We are facing a political fact new: a group, so far favourable to the M5S, ndr) to the ddl, suddenly changed its mind. We think we need, for those who want this law and we want to strongly, a work of reflection, to reconnect the threads of the politicians. For this reason, I ask that you can call immediately a conference of the group leaders". Words that have sparked the reaction of Cinquestelle and Alloy. As well as the rapporteur Monica Cirinnà: "If the law will become a crap, I am ready to remove the signature and leave the politics". The behind-front of the 5 Star Movement would not be on merit, but on the method “supercanguro”. Nunzia Catalfo (M5S) has pointed out that his party has not tabled any amendment to the law Cirinnà: "I do Not accept, therefore, that exploitation that give us responsibility that we have". And stated also that on other occasions, the M5S is opposed to the "guillotine" and "kangaroos": "baratta, the democracy rights". And on the postponement: "The M5S is categorically against the convening of the meeting of the group leaders: withdraw amendments to the bigots of the right, but also those who go to cangurare the law". The Pd wants to go next: "The text should be maintained as-is – said Roberto Hope – it is not imaginable to remove the 'stepchild adoption'". And Marcucci, a signatory of the "supercanguro": "The reference serves to save the law".


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