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Published on Nov 08, 2018


As long as that something bulky that is between the legs of the trans preferred by the italians, the readers of comics. So how long is too hard, a slap in the face to the moralists, on the contrary, all the fascists thought that they believed that Leo Ortolani would not be able to conclude a graphic novel.

Nah, joking: we all know that Leo is unbeatable and it has proven more times with her series on the small Rat-Man, which gave birth to that great piece of Cynthia, the legendary transsexual in love with the superhero from the ears round. The blond hair and flowing to the elegant and flashy clothes, Cinzia has always been a secondary character, that have been dedicated to some sporadic moments to pop-up within the series.

She, however, now there is: the Rat-Man will also be finished, but she still did not stopped of exist imprisoned in the pages of a series that I will not continue any more, and wants to drill at all costs the paper to go out and tell its own story, of his daily search for a job in a company that still turn up their nose at the sight of “the other”.

With Bao Publishing comes a long history with Cinzia in love with a man, willing to deal if the same* if only to get what they most want, walking among the 240 pages of the graphic novel with style, elegance and with a perfect soundtrack sung by Aretha Franklin. Between the amazing twists and moments musicals, Cinzia lives his personal history fighting against the bigotry, along with the friends who support it in its the very brave choice; all this is accompanied by an elegant cover that vaguely resembles the fashion magazines, the French, like “Elle”.

Ortolani has found his comfortable armchair of the arts: the graphic novel is definitely a format in which is good.

The timing of the narrative, the expansion of a moment in the narrative in more cartoons of the same which differ for a small, crucial detail, augment the author even more than it has been in the course of the years. The junction between the rice and the humorous, the sguaiato and the bitterness will stop at various points in the volume, corresponding to large (oh! oh! oh!) shots of the scene. There is no longer any trace of the Rat-Man in the new story of Leo, because of him there would have been no need. If there had been, the result would have been redundant, forced, intended to hang on to a story that is no longer there. Instead, here Ortolani has kneaded for a good argument constantly on the lips of all (the gender difference), turning it into a story that we all have already lived, that we already know and that is exciting and makes us fall a tear every time we return to the mind.

"Brava, my daughter! Smile! Show them that you can not be hurt! Show them what it means to be a real lady!" (from Cynthia)

Here, that is. Cinzia charges me up to dare beyond their limits, to recognize if and when the time comes to take a step back in order to accept themselves completely, to understand if it is the case of a compromise or not to love. The trans blonde not send her to say, strong as it is and able to cope with a flood of reviews to be able to save himself on the ark of social acceptance

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