Chucky: The Doll, an Assassin will become a game?

Published on May 20, 2017

A video game based on the famous franchise starring Chucky may soon see the light

Hello, my name is Chucky, would you play?

Admit it, you read the previous sentence with the voice of Chucky's true?

The protagonist of the franchise, The doll killer (Child's Play), the cult film of 1988, in which a ruthless serial killer, as a result of a ritual vodoo, takes the form of a doll that continues to perpetrate the murders of blood, is one of the most iconic in the entire history of horror films and cinema in general.

According to some rumors, that circulated in the aftermath of a survey published on the profile of the Twitter account of the Cult of Chucky (the new chapter of the saga, which will debut next fall), a video game starring Chucky might see the light soon.

Child's Play Video Game on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC?

— Cult of Chucky (@curseofchucky_) April 12, 2017

In truth, the tweet is far from announcing a new video game but, given that the survey asked fans to comment on such a hypothetical title on the main platforms of the game, the thing seemed rather unusual as a simple statistical analysis as an end in itself.

It is interesting to note that this is not the first time that we are talking about a videogame with a protagonist in the doll killer. In 2011, Tiki Games had announced the development of a title called Chucky: Wanna Play? through a Kickstarter campaign but has not reached the objectives.

What do you good think? Would you be favourable to the development of a video game starring the cute doll? Please let us know with a comment below!

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