Christmas movie to see on Netflix, check out The Christmas calendar: the plot


Published on Nov 17, 2018


You are already entered you in the mood for Christmas and want to spend an evening in the company of a classic Christmas film that brings you a good mood, and maybe even a little romance? To subscribers of Netflix are many proposals for Christmas 2018 on the streaming platform. Among the recent films that came out on Netflix there is even a classic christmas movie: The Christmas calendar. In the film, told the story of a young photographer who is about to give up the great passion of his life, which is not discovered at his side a great love and that very loves the magic of Christmas. But thanks to a gift arrived from her sweet granny is coming to miss by a little, our young photographer discovers how much can be a magic Christmas! You want to know something more about the plot of the Christmas movie available on Netflix? We'll tell you about some other details with the plot of the film.

The PLOT OF THE FILM– Abby has a job that she loves because it can unleash all of his talent. He dreams of becoming an established photographer, but has never found the courage to leave a secure job that will enable it to pay the bills, for the search of something different. Those given the adventure is his best friend who has left the small town where they lived to travel the world, becoming a well-known photographer in the world, particularly thanks to social. Abby is not endorsed by her family that she would like to be employed in the law firm of his father, and even this fails to break away from the boring job he is doing. And then came the time that she does not love, during which she is forced to take dozens of photos of christmas with children and Santa Claus.

Abby, however, has a fan: his grandfather. A few days before the beginning of Advent, the grandfather gives Abby a calendar that was her grandmother's. Abby brings him home, but thought that it is something useless until, the happening of strange things in his life. In the meantime, Josh is back home and tries to explain to Abby that you should follow his dreams even if she doesn't try. Abby discovers that the calendar works and start receiving signals. On the first day is in your calendar a couple of boots and a few hours after his best friend gives him a pair; the second day is a Christmas tree and in the evening it is an accident and meets for the first time in what seems to be the man of her dreams, a handsome doctor in town who all would like to have as a husband...

Abby continues to receive signals from its Advent calendar but in a short time things precipitate: the relationship with Josh it cracks, the doctor is not the perfect man that she thought of it and also the work is not what you want...

Not, we will tell you more about the plot of the movie because you will be the one to discover the end of this magical Christmas story.

The film is definitely well done but tells a typical story of christmas that is not so original. Will keep you company in the afternoon of the winter maybe with a good cup of hot chocolate. And if you, as the protagonist you will get into the christmas spirit, you'll find the movie romantic and magical at the right point.

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