Christmas decorations homemade

Published on Nov 11, 2017

Red is the color of Christmas par excellence.

So that is the color of the dress of Santa Claus, at least after the years 30.
Accomplice an advertisement of a famous drink the american.
As is american tradition to make decorations and christmas decorations with fruit, pop corn and slices of dried fruit.
This year I wanted to try also I make decorations all in the american style.
To fulfill my heart with berries and fruit I used currants.
Very simple to find, it only requires the foresight to be slightly dried before being used.
Have fun also up to you to make this simple christmas decoration in the shape of a heart to warm your Christmas.
It is very simple and does not serve ingredients impossible to find.
How about, we put in the work?

Come visit the Creative World, 17-18-19 November at the Bologna trade Fairs.

The Theatre of Food will be followed by a programming of our care, who will be busy blogger iFood, but also many outside guests who will be talking about their projects and activities. Here the program of activities.



1 stick in the edge of the iron, 50 cm long
100 g of currants shelled
two green ribbons, long 50 cm


Fold the wire in half and rounded the upper parts up to form a heart.
Forced gently to separate the two sides and begin to insert the berries of black currant.
Bucatele slightly and let them slip along the edge of the iron.
Continue until you have completed the outline of your heart.
Leave space in the final parts so you can be docked for the better.
Hook the wire with the pliers.
Folded on itself in order to facilitate the insertion of the tape.
Pass the tape around the heart up to about half and ripiegatelo.
Knotted together with the second conveyor belt using a bow detailing.
Let dry on paper towels for about an hour so the currants will not lose more juice and are not likely spots.




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