Christmas 2019: 5 video games to give away


Published on Dec 12, 2019


Like every December, it suggests the most classic of problems: what to give for Christmas? If you are a disaster as complete as me, the problem becomes even more pressing, why is this question fails to give an adequate answer.

If we talk about video games, the question then becomes for me quite a bit more simple, as well as much more interesting and challenging.

During the course of this year have been published many titles worthy of note, but without going too far back in time there have been several video games intriguing, intense, original, and really very, very significant in the past few months.

So, if you are undecided about which video game to give to your friends or if you want to give yourself one of the last titles to be published have not yet placed your hands, I propose here a selection of 5 of the games that I have had the pleasure of trying that have impressed me the most, even if for factors and characteristics very different between them.

Whether you are a fan of video games, and more experimental, or are a gamer from the old school, in this article you will find some of my little advice that I hope will help you trying to navigate your way in the dense jungle in video games.

Of all the titles I'm about to present, you will find my review here on MangaForever, which will be linked directly in the title of the game itself, and a brief card summary.

Before I start, a clarification due: what follows is not in any way a ranking.

And now no more talking and let's cut to the chase: here's my personal selection of the 5 videogochi the best gift for this Christmas 2019!

If you have ever tried titles such as Max Payne, Quantum Break, Alan Wake, then you already know what he's capable of Sam Lake, the game designer of all these these titles. If not, you could always start to know this extraordinary author of the video game just with Control.

Characterized by a setting and a plot that was nothing short of surreal, in the Control, you explore environments in the process of becoming together with her charismatic and troubled protagonist Jesse Faden, played by actress Courtney Hope, the young nephew of Sally Spectra and her namesake in the Beautiful.

The Federal Bureau of Control hides many mysteries to be discovered and narrated with a unique style and absolutely addictive, if you love this kind of stories. As for the gameplay, it is a third-person shooter in which, however, you can alternate the use of your Service Weapon, can be transformed into different weapons with fire effects and ranges different to that of the powers, kinetic Jesse.

Inside the Oldest House, as it is called, the headquarters of the Federal Bureau of Control, Jesse will be in contact with several employees that will help you to understand what is going on there and what is the cause of all those phenomena supernatural that is laid before you.

During his journey, then, Jesse will find some Objects of Power (to get them all, I recommend also to engage in exciting side quests), which are able to give them skill kinetics that will help not a little in his incredible journey to discover the secrets held by the FBC.

Visionary, intriguing, moving, Control merges with the intense narrative of Sam Lake's so much to remember, sometimes, that of Dadid Lynch, and dynamic gameplay, perfect for those who love the shooter and for those like me who worship witchcraft and telekinetic powers, blending the complementary of both characteristics.

The distortion of reality as we know it is to Control a video game so fascinating that that the Maze of the Ashtray would be worth it to just purchase the title.

The launch-unfortunately, Control suffered from several technical problems that inficiavano the gameplay, such as an incorrect view of the game map and the animations a little smoother, which forced me to just to give him an 8.5 as a rating. Already, because here we are in front of a video game that verges on perfection.

The project is Indivisible is born already in 2015, and thanks to a crowdfunding campaign, it was possible to make this title truly unique and unmissable.

A strong cartoon style graphics really are very attractive (do you think that some of the animations were made by Studio Trigger (Little Witch Academia and Kill la Kill), Indivisible joins the division of characters into classes with different abilities, typical of role-playing games, a gameplay action really experimental, all within the classic format of the platformer game in 2D side-scrolling and full of mythology religious.

The young protagonist Ajna will learn always new skills that will help you together with his new friends they meet along the way, to explore the various environments, while the combat phases have a mixed system action / turn based in which each character is assigned different combos are possible primarily by using the key assigned to him.

Indivisible has a narrative no-frills that you lose very little of the chatter and goes straight to the point, by engaging the players with the narrative, as well as with its gameplay so fun and rewarding.

Indivisible is one of those games that will make you thank heaven that there is still people who create platformer game in 2D in 2019, thanks to its perfect fusion of classic and modern elements.

Well 18 years after the release of the previous chapter of the saga, Yu Suzuki has finally succeeded, he also thanks to a fundraising campaign online, to give you a third chapter of the Shenmue fans of the cult series originated on the Sega Dreamcast.

Having spent so much time from Shenmue II, it was reasonable to wonder if Suzuki would have had the intention to create a title by taking maximum advantage of the technology currently available, or if instead he would have preferred to create a video game that was in continuity with and consistent with the previous games of the same saga.

As was easy to predict, and as the vast majority of the fans of Shenmue wanted, the series creator Yu Suzuki has seen fit to create Shenmue III, pretending to be at the end of the ’90s.

The graphics and the gameplay so old school, with all their defects, give Shenmue III a bittersweet note of nostalgia will appreciate the fans of the series and gamers more ancient date.

Help Ryo and Shenhua to investigate on the mysteries of the rural China of the 80s inside of a location freely explorable: talk with the locals, earn cash by swapping collectibles, or awards won with the many gambling games that you will find scattered around, or give yourself to manual labour in fishing, collecting wild herbs and splitting wood, but never forget to work out, if you want to become skilled fighters of kung fu!

You should always keep an eye on the clock in the top right corner: if you have an appointment at a certain time, after will no longer be available and you'll have to wait until the next day.

If you have played the previous titles in the series, or the absolute masterpiece that is Deadly Premonition, you'll love the madness Shenmue III and his air so deeply, sincerely and nostalgically retro.

It was the year 2011 when the videogame market has seen the emergence of Catherine, a title that was absolutely out of the schemes that combines 3 different types of gameplay: sections purely narrative featuring some animated scenes in computer graphics, and other style of anime that make us think of the light novels alternate a simulator for social and a puzzle-platformer fun and out of the head.

This year, Atlus published Catherine to a Full Body, a edition fully remastered version of this incredible video game. Despite the title, the players do not impersoneranno the super-sexy Catherine, but the poor Vincent, a guy grappling with the pressing requests of “settling down” of his girlfriend, Katherine.

It will be just in a moment of existential crisis is very acute and Vincent will meet at the Stray Sheep, the local that is used to go to with his friends, Catherine, a young and sexy girl who seems to have emerged directly from his dreams the most recondite.

To further destabilize the already fragile balance of the mind of Vincent will be there, in Catherine to a Full Body, even Rin, a character newly created specifically for this new edition of the game.

And if you think that the unfortunate protagonist of this bizarre story might have a moment of peace at least when he is sleeping, you are mistaken: during the night, Vincent will always live the same nightmare in which she finds herself half-naked in the head with a pair of horns and under the arm her pillow, and as if this were not already enough, the grotesque will have to face a series of challenges that constitute the section puzzle-platformer Catherine's Full Body.




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