Christmas 2017, the ideas of Ikea to decorate the house with taste (PHOTOS)


Published on Oct 28, 2017


Christmas 2017 is less than what you can imagine. Of course, Ikea remains, as always, a staple for those who want to buy decorations for the house, and this year the proposals are very interesting, as well as economic. For Christmas 2017 from Ikea, you can find ideas to decorate the house with taste and impress your guests, and you can see them among the photos in the gallery. The Ikea style is now invading more and more of our homes and the majority of people have at least a piece of furniture or an accessory of the Swedish giant. So why not take advantage of it even at Christmas?

How to decorate the house at Christmas 2017, with the new Ikea

Ikea is now a confirmation in terms of accessories and furniture for the home. What better occasion than Christmas to make a turn at the point of sale of the well-known Swedish brand? On the occasion of Christmas 2017 from Ikea you can find a lot of inspiration for the holiday season, so as to create at home the atmosphere typical of this period, without spending a fortune but without renouncing to the taste. Among the photos in the gallery you can see some ideas from the official internet site of Ikea. As you can see these decorations minimal but effective, efficient and elegant at the same time, to give that extra touch to the house without overdoing it.

Many original ideas for use of the shelf Kallax from Ikea (PHOTOS)


Therefore, you can make a mini Christmas tree with a branch hanging some nice decorations in the shape of Santa Claus. If instead you love the classic tree, this year the trend from Ikea is the total white with the decorations, even if it is possible to find other colors. In the photo you can see the Christmas tree at Ikea decorated. Beautiful are the led lights, of which Ikea provides a wide choice for Christmas 2017. Beautiful are the trees from use as an ornament, beautifully lit to create atmosphere, but also from the off, as they seem to be made of ice. Original, but not excessive, it is the light from the floor, but not only, in the form of a gift pack, as well as the led table with different elements that remind us of Christmas. The ground is also the candlestick with led decorations pendants, great taste. The most romantic can be found from the Ikea lights from a tree in the shape of a heart, to be able to hang but also in other corners of the house to warm the atmosphere, and that you can see in the picture. Finally, a very helpful is the Santa Claus to place anywhere you want, with a beard and a hat.




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