Christian McCaffrey is the runningback NFL highest paid


Published on Apr 14, 2020


Christian McCaffrey will be a player of the Carolina Panthers for the next few years, thanks to the renewal of a contract that does become the runningback highest paid in the NFL, overcoming Ezekiel Elliott and his renewal last September.

McCaffrey has signed a contract worth $ 64 million for four years, with an average of 16, the year, which will start from season 2021. The player of the Panthers was the eighth overall pick in the Draft, 2017, and therefore has still a year contract rookie $ 2 million, and the rumors say that the new agreement also has an option for a further year if that will be exercised will McCaffrey at Charlotte until the season 2025. You do not know the details of the renewal as, for example, the share of dollars guaranteed.

As written above the 16 million average per year is the new record for a runningback.

The $ 64 million total lead Christian to second place in the role.

Some numbers to justify why that money is well spent:

There are other numbers related to the season 2019, confirming the importance of McCaffrey for the Carolina Panthers, but at the same time, however, to reflect the new head coach Matt Rhule:

The imperative of Rhule and his staff will surely be to combine the talents and the skills of a runningback with a more balanced and that does not risk “accorciarne” the career for too much wear and tear.




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