Chris Pratt shows the side b, and Instagram goes crazy


Published on Jul 01, 2019


Photo via the web

Have you used sunscreen during your weekend at the sea or in the swimming pool? Sure, some of the good habits should be now discounted, but unfortunately that is not necessarily so for all

Take Chirs Pratt, for example, that, during his honeymoon with Katherine Schwarzenegger is completely burned in the sun.

The actor must have forgotten the sunscreen in the hotel and, after a day at the beach, it is also found red as a lobster. Shows the shooting, which define “hot” would be an understatement, posted by him on social in the past few days, and immediately became viral, so as to have grossed more than two million likes.

With their backs to the camera, the sexy protagonist of “Passengers” and “Jurassic World”, it shows the back red, in sharp contrast to the sit that, naked, remained white.

Don't believe us? Look at the picture below.

Photo: @ Instagram/ Chris Pratt




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