Chris Hemsworth took home 5 Mjolnir from the movie Thor!

Published on Jan 19, 2018

Chris Hemsworth, in recent times, is making the rounds of various talk shows to promote his last 12 Strong (the film adaptation of the book, Horse Soldiers of the journalist Doug Stanton) and the output Blu-Ray and DVD of Thor: Ragnarok.

In the course of one of these “comparsate”, host of Jimmy Kimmel Live, the actor has revealed to the house five Mjolnir, Thor's hammer, which he held to the end of the filming of the Marvel movies in which he played the God of Thunder.

Chris has admitted to having one even in the bathroom (as you can see in the video below), with the hilarious note from the conductor who asked him if he use that as a sort of toilet roll holder. The actor, amused by the joke, told that his children often play with these hammers, trying to lift them up to emulate their dad, the superhero.

It is not uncommon for actors tangano itself of the objects of the scene at the end of filming: Ben Affleck took home the Batarang (which then, however, he had to pay for), Ryan Reynolds costume from Deadpool and Daphne Keen, the interpreter of X-23 in Logan – The Wolverine, has preserved the t-shirt with the unicorn, even if she would have gladly kept the adamantium claws.

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Source: Geektyrant

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