Chorus: revealed the Inside Xbox


Published on May 09, 2020


Revealed exclusively during the event Inside the Xbox of today, the Chorus will support the Smart Delivery the family to the Xbox console, ensuring the best experience on Xbox One and Xbox Series X with a single purchase.

In the Chorus, players take the role of the protagonist: the ex-cultist Nara, a pilot phenomenal with a dark past and Forsaken – his ally closer, his ship, with a mysterious backstory to be revealed. The single player experience based on the story, it invites you to unlock devastating weapons and abilities as amazing as they fight to free the galaxy from the Circle: worship that is oppressive, that will stop at nothing in order to obtain a complete subjugation of the universe.

Tobias Severin, Studio Director at Deep Silver FISHLABS, has declared: “We are pleased to announce this exciting new IP. From the beginning our goal has been to offer an incredible gameplay, the moment-to-moment, in order to evolve the spirit of classic space shooters. We are exploiting the full power of the hardware, gen 9, to create environments more rich, more detailed, all in 4K and 60FPS. ”

In this game we will take control of Nara, once the warrior's most lethal Circle, now the most-wanted fugitive, on a mission to destroy the dark cult that created it. Sbloccheremo devastating weapons and abilities are amazing in a true evolution of the genre space shooter. With Forsaken, we will explore ancient temples, and engaging in exciting combat over our reality.

Nara is a pilot who faces his troubled past in Forsaken, his ship's sentient. Their quest for redemption will lead them through the galaxy and beyond the boundaries of reality, while fighting to unite the forces of resistance against the Circle and their leader, the Great Prophet, at all costs.

We venture beyond the unknown, entering a new dark universe, full of mystery and full of conflict. Explore epic as space stations sprawling and strange levels of existence beyond our own. We will face big battles with epic views cosmic. Chorus balances the wonder and the spectacle of space exploration with fast-paced action.

We'll get powerful weapons and upgrades combat. Padroneggeremo the exclusive system mechanic of your ship and mental abilities of mortals, including the extra-sensory perception, teleportation and telekinesis, to overcome the massive hordes of enemies and take down the titanic battleships. Concateneremo our powers to become the living weapon par excellence.

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