Choirs and booing in our stadium, the time is stopped

Published on Jan 25, 2016

I tried to explain that – defused disqualifications and fines – the only possible solution, now, is to neglect it, not to make us more the case: but after every sung offensive, after all, a symphony of insults, thousands of people claim, rightly, that if it riparli and emphasize the vulgarity of certain of the choirs.

It happens to everyone and, obviously, also to Beppe Severgnini, with inter: “these choirs then? They'll write on the Courier? Or all you do is condemn the words of Sarri and to report on the excesses of St. Paul”, the content of the messages that the columnist has received on social.

The choirs offensive to them, I have treated a number of times, the first three years ago – to me it reminded a reader. For this recovery the answer very intelligent, and gave Severgnini today: “here, I write to you. Not only is it horrible that he screams in the Italian stadiums: it is sadly old. The company moves, changes. Around a football field, instead, everything remains the same. Each of the plaintiffs, is ready to take offense to because it is subjected to, but justifies everything he does. I know it is useless to think of these issues. Jumping out of “faith”, praising the cunning of the irrational...”.

“Nobody pretends that the stages are of the concerts, no one asks for silence and careful comments many fine. But what happens in the stadiums of Italy – almost all of it is amazing, he has stopped the time.... Support your team does not mean to despise or humiliate the guests. A stadium that blows the whistle every possession of the ball opponent shows insecurity, not strength.”

Severgnini calls on everyone to cheer their hearts out. I suggest to leave the liver and re-activate the brain.


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