Child of 2 years defeats brain tumor: doctors had given a few months of life

Published on Sep 19, 2018

The story of Mason, a child of two years, who has battled a brain tumor, is doing the rounds of the web, moving a lot of people. Below we tell you his story. Parents are noticing that something is wrong, they decide to take him to hospital to have it checked. The child in fact had begun to experience strange symptoms.

Unfortunately, the diagnosis is one that no parent ever wants to have. By the tests to which it was subjected, the small, the doctors deduced that Mason was suffering from a brain tumor rather than aggressive and that he had only a 30% chance of surviving this ugly evil.

In a first moment, as is humanly understandable, this family that lives in Louisville, in the state of Kentucky, you fall into the abyss of despair. Especially as mum has told the local media how he discovered that something was wrong in his child.

“I was preparing to go to work and he had woken up after a nap but continued to go around like a top and fell in continuation”

After the diagnosis is started a struggle against the time to heal from the cancer, the little Mason, who has been subjected to all the interventions and therapies needed to defeat this nasty disease. At the end of this treatment cycle at the beginning of January, the cancer began to regress and today we can say that finally Mason, a brave warrior, he won his most difficult battle.

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