Chiara Ferragni witness the shock of a salesman: ‘hitted Me and laughing, but it is...

Published on Oct 25, 2018

Chiara Ferragni and Fedez these days are at the centre of many controversies. The famous couple has been harshly criticized for the waste of food at the supermarket during the birthday party of the rapper

The news according to some Chiara Ferragni would have beaten up the clerk at the supermarket, where was organized the birthday party of Fedez is clearly a hoax, but the web began to circulate at the speed of light.

The rapper with the most famous of Italy, Fedez, has just celebrated his 29th birthday. For this special event, the wife, the businesswoman, digital Chiara Ferragni, has organized a surprise party in a location with a really special place: a supermarket in Milan.

The beautiful model has, in fact, afittato the supermarket only to celebrate the birthday of her husband only opened for friends and relatives of the couple.

There have been many stories shared on the Instagram of the invited guests to the feast which show the same that they have fun between the lanes with shopping trolleys, and the launch of the food. These videos, however, have no words left fans of the couple who say they are outraged by the waste of food.

Is there anyone in this story took the opportunity to create a video in which he pretends to be a scaffalista of Carrefour attacked by Chiara Ferragni along with the other invitees at the party. In the video the guy shows you wounded and in pain, and tells the story of his false version of the facts, specifying:

“I work as a scaffalista in the market that has just been stormed by Fedez e Chiara Ferragni and their friends. I hope that this nightmare will end as soon as possible, they are making a real mess. Clear for fun he threw me upon the shelf and started beating me while everyone was laughing”.

The guy has then added:

“Friends kept me still and Chiara Ferragni began to sferrarmi of the blows in the face, on the nose”

It is a hoax built ad hoc, which was quickly denied.

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