Chiara Ferragni: we think the influencer to turn the economy


Published on Apr 21, 2020


Chiara Ferragni launches her track suit, consisting of sweatshirt and pants, at the price of 390 euros. The garment is sported by the same influencers that take advantage of this lockdown, imposed by the restrictions in place to curb the well-known phenomenon pandemic by coronavirus, to stay at home and enjoy his Lion, but not only.

The Blonde Salad, as she herself defines it doesn't stop working, so no more photos with the background of tropical beaches, or the skyscrapers of a big metropolis, but simply the living room of his home, which is equally instagrammabile: suffice it to say that from his terrace you can admire the new skyline of Milan.

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Returning to the suit of 390 euros is, that worn by the Ferragni, color candy blue and pink, created in collaboration with the well-known sportswear brand, presents on the side of the sleeves, the iconic symbol of the creations of fashion: an eye on a sinuous, with long eyelashes.

A great idea you would say, especially in this time where we italians as a dress code, the usual overalls and pajamas. Since we are almost forced to wear these clothes home, that at least must be sought, refined, and brand, just like those proposed by the Ferragni at 390 euro (but a sweatshirt and pants may be purchased individually at 185 euro).



In my favorite @chiaraferragnicollection x Champion set 💖 #ChiaraFerragniCollection

A post shared by Chiara Ferragni ✨ (@chiaraferragni) on: 20 Apr 2020 at 7:55 pm PDT

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The price seems excessive? But no, it is in line with those of the beautiful influencer. Suffice it to say that a couple of years ago a well-known brand of mineral water French has created a limited edition dedicated to the fashion blogger with his name in evidence, and the known symbol: an eye with a stylized, crescent-shaped, rounded on the bottom and straight above, enriched with cilia present only in the upper part straight and long.

Chiara Ferragni, the water custom divides the web |DISCOVER

The one that touches the Ferragni turns to gold and in fact the price of a bottle was 8 euro, and that cost has fact claimed to be some web users that have been deemed excessive, even if others have defended the work of their champion.

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