Chiara Ferragni “jealous” of Jennifer Aniston


Published on Apr 17, 2020


A few days ago Fedez noticed a new follower of exception... Jennifer Aniston! The rapper had in fact published a video of the quarantine in the family, adapting it to the initial of-Friends, attracting the attention of the actress, who has since started to follow him and to put the likes of his rear

Fedez, in a broth of jujubes, never misses an opportunity to point out every single " like Aniston to his wife. Chiara Ferragni, however, does not seem equally enthusiastic! In one of the last stories we see the rapper on the couch to say to fashion bloggers: “However, Jennifer Aniston is officially a girl, Fedez”. In fact, the actress seems to be a fan only of the post where it appears the little Lion, as sadly admitted by the rapper soon after.

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To the nth like Jennifer Aniston, the exaggerated enthusiasm of Frederick seems to have put a strain on the patience of his wife, in a video Fedez, in fact, communicates to followers that “even tonight, I put the like and my wife is neraaaaa”. The comic interludes of the Ferragnez are having fun the web that has not hesitated to create memes viral on the picturesque love triangle!

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In the past few days other video of the couple have become viral, making fun of the users of Instagram. Fedez, in fact, was the protagonist of a terrible, but definitely comedy, falling back on the coffee table in the living room, which has aroused a party reaction of the son Lion. A few weeks ago, in addition, the direct Instagram of the rapper a bit “tipsy” with Luis Sal was hilarious for the followers and rich material for the pages trash on social, even if the wife does not seem to have appreciated the jokes spicy of her husband in front of tens of thousands of users.

You understand that I don't have much to do with it?

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