Cherry: Tom Holland stars in the new film of the Brothers Russian


Published on Dec 14, 2019


After “Avengers: Engame” (2019), the Brothers Russo have announced that they want to take a short break from the films of super heroes.

The two directors have not ruled out the possibility of returning to direct a movie for Marvel Studios, but in the meantime, their new project is already in development. The new film of the Brothers Russian is called Cherry, as its protagonist, Tom Holland, and at least this time we're not talking about super-heroes.

The same Tom Holland shared a photo on social showing the aspect of his character. His new look, which you can view below, is very different from what we are used to seeing. What you can imagine right now, is that the actor will not have its typical look of Peter Parker and the good guy.

“No alarms. I'm a wanted man. They'll kill me...”

A post shared by Tom Holland (@tomholland2013) on Nov 1, 2019 at 6:10am PDT

The film will tell the story of a doctor (Tom Holland), who has worked in the army. Suffering from the disorder of post traumatic stress, will be forced to rob a bank to be able to pay the debt due to its dependent on drugs. In the cast we find also Bill Skarsgård, Jack Reynor, and Michael Gandolfini. The screenplay is based on the autobiographical story of Nico Walker, who at the moment would be in prison serving out his sentence.

Clearly Cherry is a large deviation from the genre of super heroes both for Tom Holland, who for the Brothers Russo. The film will tell a reality that is raw and desperate. Showing the very real problems that plague society, such as financial problems, addiction, and the fight against mental illness, problems that in reality can't be simply solved with the snap of her fingers.

Surely the Russian and Tom Holland, want to prove with this film know how to detach from the usual pattern, and that are able to give much more to the entertainment industry.

Cherry: Tom Holland stars in the new film of the Brothers Russian is




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