Check the status of the server WhatsApp

Published on Feb 27, 2018

You're waiting for a message, a call or video call on WhatsApp and the messaging application does not work anymore suddenly? Have you tried to send dozens of messages or media content but no one is delivered? Do not be alarmed, the first thing to do is to check the status of the servers of the WhatsApp.

Many times in the last year it happened that WhatsApp is not working because of malfunction problems in their servers, or simple maintenance.

Many of you don't know that until some time ago, WhatsApp made it possible to control the state of the server directly from the application under “Settings -> Help“.

It is not known why this feature was removed, but don't worry, we have an alternative.

The owners of the Twitter account WaBetaInfo, the same that unearth hidden features in the beta of the application, on their blog they have added a widget in the sidebar named WA system status.

Once connected to the site, just read what is written in that voice, if the writing will be “The service is correctly working” then the servers can work properly.

In the case where there were problems, there would be a different.

Another useful thing is to follow the hashtag #WhatsAppDown on Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, but in particular Twitter as the latest social network when the servers are down, the hashtag comes in the trend.

After you have made all the inquiries sovraelencati and you have verified that the malfunction is caused by the server WhatsApp, you can't help another if you do not wait for the application development teams to resolve the problem.

If, however, the verification is made on WhatsApp is not working we suggest you to try connecting to another WiFi network, or check that your data plan of the SIM is active.

If you want more detailed instructions on what to do if WhatsApp still does not work, you can read our comprehensive article.

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