Check the health of Windows with the Reliability Monitor


Published on Jul 17, 2017


Are you having problems with your Windows PC and you don't know where to put hands? First of all, you have to check the health of Windows with the Reliability Monitor! This tool is integrated in the operating system allows us to know the events and causes of problems with Windows, and is therefore a good starting point for getting a handle on the problem, even if you are not an expert.

For simplicity, we show how to check the health of Windows with the Reliability Monitor using Windows 10, but this guide can be safely performed even on earlier versions.

The tool is called the Reliability History, to run it click at the bottom of the search bar (a white dot next to the Windows logo) and type “View reliability history” as in the picture:

Alternatively, you can start it by going into Control Panel-> Security Maintenance ->reliability Monitor, to obtain a screen similar to this:

The chart is simple to read: on the vertical axis there is a score assigned to the reliability of the system (1 to 10), while the horizontal axis is traced the history of the use of the PC. The chart as you note, it degrades the occurrence of problems such as (from most to least severe): application Error, Windows Error, Other errors, Warnings, and Information.

It is also possible to obtain a wider view of the Reliability Monitor, selecting “Weeks” in the top left of the chart.

By clicking on one of the dates in the table, you can see one of the historical events that have affected your PC. Some can be overlooked (often Information) because I do not speak of problems with Windows. Others are to be taken seriously (the Errors usually):

In this example we've got 2 events: Information that warns us of a successful update (so it has not caused problems), and an application Error, caused by Avira Antivirus. Alongside Information and advice, however, you can click on “Show technical details” to get a more in-depth description of the problem and understand to do.

The Monitoring Activity is above all used to know and fix Windows Error or Errors and Applications. Next to them you will find the written “find a solution“:

The Reliability Monitor will run and attempt to resolve the problem.

Often it can happen that the Reliability Monitor is not able to find a solution to the problem. However, at the bottom you can click on “check for solutions to all the problems“. In so doing, it is possible that the resolution of issues prior to the one in question can help in the intent.

In the worst case you can always click on the “Save reliability history” in a file .The XML for getting a summary of what happened!

And you, have you solved your problem? Please let us know with a comment below!

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