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Published on May 17, 2017

Check the health of Hard Drives is fundamental to understand if it is going to break. Prevent, as they say, is better than cure. It is always a good idea to keep at hand some of the tools of diagnostics to make sure that your hardware configuration to enjoy the best of health. Particular importance is to be held without doubt in respect of the hard disk (or hard disks), the place which usually stored all of our important data.

Whether it is a mechanical disk or SSD, it is important to ensure that these continue to function properly and to realize well in advance when a disk is victim of wear and tear, so that we can provide to replace it in time without having to deal with the irretrievable loss of data.

The tools that allow you to check the health of the hard disk are numerous. In this guide we'll focus on Windows and a program that, in just a few seconds, you will be able to give a complete picture of the situation.

It is CrtstalDiskInfo, available for Windows (from Vista to 10) in both the installer version, portable.

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My advice is to download the portable version of the program, so you will have it available at any time – even on a USB stick – no install on the operating system.

The installable version is almost the same, however, as it is a program ad-supported may fall in the installation to an involuntary toolbar and similar if you do not take special attention to the setup program.

In all cases, the two versions are equally valid; you can download CrystaldiskInfo is a portable that installer using the link below:

DOWNLOAD | CrystalDiskInfo – Installer

DOWNLOAD | CrystalDiskInfo – Portable

NB: CrystalDiskInfo is a part of our suite of diagnostics portable.

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In case you are looking for a method to perform the same operation on Linux, you can refer to our dedicated article.

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Once extracted (or installed) the program will simply start the appropriate executable (in the archive to the portable version or the desktop, in the Start menu or the Start Screen for the installer version). After a few seconds, you'll have a report on the health status of your disk:

Notice how you have all the details related to your hard drive (firmware, serial number, Interface, drive letters and supported features), the health of the hard disk (which can be “Good”, “At-risk” and “Dangerous), and all the details of its functioning (the number of read errors, reallocated sectors, errors of navigation (seek), the uncorrectable errors, and so on).

In general:

If the disks were more than one, you can swap between views using the little panel on the top (notice how my second disc is “At risk” because of the high number of sectors reallocated):

The program also allows you to set thresholds and custom alerts, set updates of statistics on a regular basis, and much more.

In short, CrystalDiskInfo is a tool to keep definitely at hand and to consult in case of suspicion, taking care to limit his running to a minimum if you are analyzing a SSD.

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