Charlotte and George on the first day of school accompanied by mum Kate and dad William (PHOTOS)


Published on Sep 05, 2019


First day of school, in London, also for the little Charlotte, who is now a little woman, and George. The children of William and Kate, accompanied by mum and dad have reached today, the school that began, as usual with the customary photos in front of the entrance. Smiling, happy, George and Charlotte were very excited for this first day of school. The little Charlotte, who is almost as tall as the little brother, he has not spared its classic theirs tongues photographers, but has also posed, as only she knows how to do, in front of the lens. For his first day of school in addition to the uniform, small, choose also a braid. The hair collected, and the large order for the first day of school of Charlotte.

In a few hours the images of George in Charlotte in front of the school have been around the world.

The british media, while stress the fact that little George will do the honors, since he attends the school for years, remember also that the subjects of her majesty will pay about 19 thousand pounds for the education of the children of William and Kate Middleton.

To wait for the little ones of the house Windsor, Helena, the director of the school of the child that the two children are preparing to attend. Mom Kate has accompanied the children by the hand along with William and the two parents have also brought the backpacks, equal and in line with the strict rules of the school, of the two children.

Intrigued by the flash and noise of the photographers in the small Charlotte has shown is certainly more embarrassed than usual, also because of the fact that short-term she would begin a new adventure away from mom! The small has never left the hand of Kate for short, and is hidden behind the Middleton, as if it were a little bit afraid.

( photo via Instagram )

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