Charlize Theron shock: harassed by a “director, famous”


Published on Dec 18, 2019


Charlize Theron has stated to NPR, and have been harassed by a director famous and talked about how he dealt with the sexual harassment at the beginning of his acting career and his frustration at his own reaction. The revelation was made during an interview to promote his new film Bombshell, a drama about the founder of Fox News, Roger les ailes, who was accused of sexual harassment.

The actress, who recently surprised everyone by telling about when the mother killed the father in self-defense, said that the accident occurred in 1994 and involved a “director, very famous, revealing he found frustrating the fact that it has been able to react in the right way in front of a similar situation.

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Charlize Theron visited the house of the director, the Saturday evening for a hearing, finding it with a silk pajamas: “he offered Me a drink and I massaged the knee,” he said. “I was at the beginning, and I didn't know the details of that world, and I said to myself as I drove: ‘Perhaps it is so that happens in the film industry?'”.

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He added: “you don't know what to do... if you have not experienced. I wasn't completely convinced that it was sexual harassment”. At a certain point while going via the Theron is excused with the director saying, “I am sorry that I have to go away”.

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Eight years later, the same director has contacted Charlize Theron, who has recalled the incident, although he refused to talk about it. In that moment he understood that it was not the first time that it was, and that he had already done with other women.

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