Chargers iPhone here is the fastest and safest even for the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR


Published on Sep 16, 2018


We list in this article, the best chargers for iPhone on the basis of speed and security, to replace a simple charger (5W) present in the package.

Always the charger that came in the box of the iPhone fails to satisfy all customers since it is not very fast. There are several solutions from which to choose in order to have available a charge better and faster. We find all the more interesting chargers iPhone below.

We start from the assumption that the 5W of the power supply package does not ensure a fast charging of the iPhone and that many of the users who also possess an iPad are immediate solutions in the use of the power supply 12W of iPad. This is already a good solution, made by Apple, but there are other types of chargers.

On Amazon there are these three chargers for the iPhone, for example, able to provide safety and a faster charging.

The first product is of the Aukey and has three USB ports (30W/6A max), in addition to the technology AiPower. We find it to 14,99€.

Buy the charger Aukey

Alternatively, we suggest the RAVPower with the same specifications then 30W/6A Max. Also the price remains the same, then 14.99 euros.

Buy charger RAVPower

And as the third charger, we report the best-selling dual-socket Aukey (2.4 Max). This is found at 9.99€ and it is great for those who travel and always carries with him.

Buy the charger Aukey

The faster alternative is the USB-C, that charge the iPhone up to 18W. Serves clearly to a USB cable-C/Lightning, produced quietly from Apple, and a power supply. Apple produces the MacBook line, and the 30W for the model to be 12 inches, for the price of 59€, it seems the best solution, considering that they serve only 18W.

However, we propose three solutions are valid, available on Amazon.

The first charger is worth double because you can use both with the classic USB cable, up to 10W, both with USB-C and Power Delivery to 18W. We find 17,99€ on Amazon.

Buy the loader ESR

The second product is a charger with a single USB-C Power Delivery, made by Aukey and perfect for charging your iPhone at 18W. We find it to 15.99€ on Amazon.

Buy the charger Aukey

And for those not afraid to spend a little more and wants a product at the top which is able to load the best of not only the iPhone but also the MacBook Pro and many other products, we report this charger Satechi 75W with connector USB-C and Quick Charge Qualcomm. We find him in 64,99€.

Buy the charger Satechi

The offers shown on this page may expire or change without notice. The real price is the one displayed on Amazon at the time of checkout.

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