Chaos in the Mediaset after the case of Riccardo fogli: fired project manager for the Island of the famous, and some authors


Published on Mar 06, 2019


What happened on Monday evening live on Channel 5 ( in the episode Island of the famous 2019 4 march) has left a bitter taste in the mouth of many people. The outrage, as it happens more and more often today, has been amplified the most on the social. Many have been the people who have expressed disgust with what has happened in respect of Riccardo fogli in an episode of the famous Island of Monday. From the video message of the Crown, to the fact that in the studio there was no one to give a word of support for the Sheets ( even if his wife did not want to be present, a friend or a relative would have been able to attend). Not a word from Alessia Marcuzzi who, as always, is limited to read the teleprompter. Not the case also in the episode of Strip the news yesterday, Antonio Ricci and company have renamed “Cyber Alessia”. A piece of ice then, a sort of robot, incapable of reacting even in the face of a real drama that was taking place. A story so surreal, so much leading many people to believe that all this theatre was organized...

Mediaset then decides to take action. A few minutes ago was branched to a release with which you inform professionals and the public that the project leader of the famous Island has decided to leave his position. Have taken the same decision, with immediate effect, even some of the authors.

And here's the text of the press release:

As A result of the circumstances that in the latest installment of"Island of the famous" have involved the competitor Riccardo fogli, Mediaset has agreed the output from the program of the project leader Christian Flour and other authors with immediate effect.

The decision of Mediaset, which comes two days after the direct, not completely convince me. For many, this is a move hypocritical seen everything that has happened, because the video of Fabrizio Corona, as we have already said, is not aired live, without anyone seeing it first. So if this was the problem, you will understand well that the responsibility is more people, host included.

And now is also expected to understand how the same Alessia Marcuzzi will react to all this. Will have the opportunity to apologize on social? Will Monday live on the Island?

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