Published on Mar 26, 2016


The first season was focused on the evolution of Matt Murdock in Daredevil. Not only at the aesthetic level, first with the suit black and then with the costume/armor created by the dear Melvin Potter, but also on the inner side. In the second, which begins six months after the arrest of Wilson Fisk, Matt, has removed a bit of that ‘blame the catholic’ who oppressed him (and protected), and appreciates really what he does as Daredevil. Matt starts to really appreciate what it does for its people, to its Hell's Kitchen. The whole, however, is complicated by the arrival, before Frank Castle, where they will be put into question his certainties about good and evil and the role of the ‘masked vigilante’, and then with Elektra, where you will drag and drop only from his heart.

In this second season, you will be catapulted into a vortex of chaotic, full of forces drawn first one way and then the other. Unlike the first season where we had a single great villain, Wilson Fisk that sposatava its pawns, and we were thinking on the role of ‘hero’, thanks to the confessions with Father Lantom, in this second cycle, is put everything in discussion and are open ‘new worlds’ which will lead to other tv series Marvel/Netflix that we will soon see (and definitely a third season of Daredevil).

Daredevil, for the first time, it will not be the only one to fight on the streets and this is going to upset.
Frank Castle will lead multiple times in the series from giving us a new ‘way’ to resolve things, and with the arrival of the Hand and Elektra, the delusion will be the only force to adjust everything.

Daredevil, for the first time, he understands that he cannot do it alone, despite its ‘good’ arrogance, he perceives that the situation is truly hellish and surreal and will need someone at his side.
And there will be Elektra at his side. Because of these wars, the Matt Murdock that we know, that we saw in the first season, it will be put aside. Will lose the relationship glorious with his friend Foggy Nelson, and forsake well as the ‘slight’ relationship with Karen Page.
Matt Murdock would stay with her, especially before the arrival of Elektra, and we were at a good point for that side, ‘rosa’, but he is in pain, can not be completely himself because Karen does not know an important part of himself. Unlike with Elektra that it is the opposite. The Greek knows him, knows his secret and he must not lie, can feel free to do what he wants.
For this reason, in the final, he will seek to free himself from that bomb that keeps inside, revealing himself to Karen Page, and will be very curious about their relationship the next time we see them.

What I have written? I don't know, I need to spit out words and I did.

The next diavolacci!




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