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Published on Nov 17, 2019


A little less than a year away from the previous volume, the Lightning and The Thunder – our review HERE – returns with a new volume, Chanbara, or the epic genre idai-geki (historic works by japanese set in feudal Japan) and chanbara (the stories based on fighting with swords) designed by Roberto Recchioni and Andrea Accardi, who was born on the necklace Stories, has found new life in the format that goes directly into the volume.

For this second chapter, entitled The Swords of Betrayal, Recchioni and Accardi yield momentarily in the command of the talented writer Gabriella Contu and the pencils of the great Walter Venturi.

In the previous volume we saw the rise of the Demon White, Ryu Murasaki, a ruthless ronin, blood-thirsty, which is leaving a trail of blood behind him, sowing panic and terror and the incredible defeat of Ichi. The blind swordsman was not left intimidated, but on the contrary had recruited Tetsuo – the protagonist of the Redemption of The Samurai – followed by the beautiful and deadly Jun – the protagonist of The Flowers of the Massacre – and the group of assorted heads to a village to recruit the mammoth, but a contentious, Daisuke Nagata said Raiju, the Beast of Thunder.

The group had dealt with The Crows, or the avant-garde school of the sword created by the Demon White.

The Swords of Betrayal, we'll see how the trail of blood of the Demon White is starting to expand, influencing the daimyo peaceful and just as Nobunaga, but to delete a squire rebel relies on mercenaries Being led by the sadistic Ai.

It will be Noburo, the son of Nobunaga, to track down Ichi – who shares with the father for a past history linked to a war which ended with the disgrace – and his companions in the hope of stopping the violence and abuses of power.

Not without difficulty, Ichi and his troupe to clean up the air, preparing the ground for the clash between the father and the son. But the region will now be truly free, or is the past only by the hands of a powerful to another?

Gabriella Contu imbastisce a story ruthless the aim of which is clear enough after a few page: to give depth to the villain introduced in the previous volume.

The screenwriter, however, uses an unusual approach and instead of making the protagonist of the book the Demon-White using his disciple Akemi through the vicious and sadistic actions – with scenes also graphically quite gory – we understand that the influence of the ronin can be destructive.

The heroes are almost secluded and often in extreme difficulty aspect that makes them fallibi but no less lethal when it comes to giving the final blow to the regime of terror, Nobunaga.

Equally interesting, and very much in line with the philosophy of certain films in the same genre, the conclusion of bitter which, at the Time, and its come to the end of the book seems to want to justify their battle, which only appears to risolleverà really the fate of the weakest.

Chanbara – The Swords of Betrayal, you then configure as a volume very interesting in its approach and in a way essential because it develops the villain of the whole series, not forgetting some of the steps personal large impact.

Good choice to Walter Venturi with expertise in stroke and decided to illustrate a story with a raw and violent, which does not lack of the battle scenes are complex and crowded with the designer roman gives a demonstration of his talent. Clear the setting of the table to clear the bonelli tradition in which the horizontality makes the reading smooth and fluid, not disdaining a certain cinematograficità. The plasticity of the trait also makes up for in directness some uncertainty in anatomical.

As always, impeccable care carto-technical volume hardcover, produced by SBE. To report a brief, but significant, post-faction of Roberto Recchioni, who explains the philosophy behind the design of Chanbara and an interesting interview with the author Gabriella Contu.

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