Cesare Bocci and Daniela ON a Sunday: a message of love that wins over everything


Published on Nov 17, 2019


Want to launch a message and have for years. Have written a book and tell their story in the theatre, too. Cesare Bocci Daniela and Sword are a wonderful couple, two of those people that you really love and that together they are ready to fight against anything and everything. And today also in the episode ON Sunday showed the strength of this love that goes beyond everything. A love that helps to overcome the disease, the sufferings and unites it even more. It was an evening of 1993 and since that day, Cesare and Daniela have never left. They fought together, each and every day make a small step, but want to prove to everyone that you can live, you can love and you can't help but smile, despite everything.

It is not the first time that Cesare Bocci tells of the health problems of his wife and of the dramatic episode that, a few days after the birth of their child, twenty years ago, has forever changed their lives. But hear also Daniela of that moment, is really very touching.

Today, they are serene and together work with different associations to help the disabled and they hope that, thanks to the fame of Caesar, their message can reach as many people as possible. However, it was not always simple. In particular, Cesare tells us today, ON a Sunday, as also does in his book, of that day. The doctors, when Daniela had arrived at the hospital, they had not understood that he had had a stroke post partum, but thought that they had quarreled and that she had had a hysterical crisis. And’ the first of April, and it is for this reason that their book is called April Fish. A twist of fate that forever changed the lives of both. Today, an awareness: if you had before understood what was happening, Daniela, perhaps, would not have the following consequences. But it is also good so, life has written new pages and Caesar and his wife never gave up the fight and would like to be an example to other couples, other families like them.

Cesare and Daniela had already excited a great deal to the Dancing with the stars, when together they had danced, in the same edition in which the actor has triumphed!

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These are the examples that we would like to review always on tv. These are the stories to which you should give space. Force Cesare and Daniela and thank you!

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