Cecilia Rodriguez: ‘Francis must turn the page, as I have done’

Published on Oct 22, 2018

The desire of Cecilia Rodriguez

Francesco Monte is not able to hold back the tears when he talks about the ex-girlfriend Cecilia Rodriguez. Even though I'm gaining in-depth knowledge with Giulia Salemi in the house of Big brother Vip, it seems that in his heart there is still you. Stove always be trotted out, Cecilia has decided to tell her about the situation. During an interview, issued to Alfonso Signorini, said he had turned over the page next to Ignazio Moser and would like him to do it.

Francis participated in Men&Women and chose the suitor Teresanna Pugliese. Their brief relationship came to an end, so in the space of a few months came out of the closet with the with the sister of Belen. After 4 years of love, Cecilia, once entered in the house of the Gf, has decided to leave it in front of the cameras to stay with the current boyfriend. In spite of everything has always spent nice words for Francis.

In fact, he wishes the best, because it was a very important person for her. Mind if time is suffering, but the house forces him to reflect on his own life. All those who decide to participate in reality, must undergo this ‘painful process’ that will prove to be useful to clarify with themselves. He also added that Francis hard to find someone like her, that is good and sincere. It is not, therefore Giulia at its height, however, added that it is free to do what he wants.

Difficult to understand what kind of relationship is emerging between Giulia and Francesco. Monte had told her not to rivolergli the word, then they have spent together on the night. It seems that between the two both took a kiss passionate under the covers, but in spite of everything the guy has said to Andrea that Cecilia will continue to be the woman of his life.

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