Cecilia Rodriguez, and Ignazio Moser guests in the Morning 5: from Big Brother Vip to everyday life


Published on Dec 11, 2017


Guests of the bet of the Morning, Five in wave 11 December 2017, Ignazio Moser, and Cecilia Rodriguez are called upon to comment on in the living room of Federica Panicucci, everything that happened in the house of Big Brother Vip and not only. Now two weeks have passed life together and the two seem to be madly in love!


Cecilia then goes back to talk about what happened with Francis, the host makes note that before entering the house of Big Brother Vip both talked about marriage and children. Rodriguez responds:

It is true we had projects like all the people that you love. Then, however, things have not gone well, I couldn't be with him. The stories end up and the our is over but not for a matter of hormones, as they said in so many, simply because I was not in love with him. I don't know where I found the courage. It is not that I left Francis and the day after I kissed Ignatius. Had passed so many days, I had thought about it and I figured it out. I knew that I was being disrespectful of the person she was waiting for me, and for this the first kisses have arrived in particular places because I was trying to hide what was happening.

The presenter with a lot of emphasis is noted that they did well to live their love:

You are young and beautiful and you have done very well, we like you for this reason.

Ignatius and Cecilia are engaged? In fact, as is revealed in the beautiful argentina, Moser has never done the actual question. The former cyclist says:

There was no need to ask anything, from the first kiss to me, she was my girlfriend.

Cecilia and Ignatius are also called to comment on the history of the cabinet and for the umpteenth time and say that nothing happened. Cecilia speaks of films that people following the reality, you are done. Then there are also comments on the famous book and about everything that had happened in the house after the revelations of Daniel Bossari. About the conductor, both Cecilia that Ignatius say they are happy with his win. Ignatius and Cecilia's review the most romantic moments in the house of the Gf Vip and comment once more with eyes of the heart their history.




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