Cecilia Capriotti and Amaurys Perez lovers? Craig Warwick to Sunday Live creeps


Published on Mar 18, 2018


The island of the famous 2018 absolutely the protagonist of the first part of the episode on Sunday Live on air today 18 march 2018. The themes of the rest are not lacking, and among others, Karina Cascella and Vladimir Luxuria put on the dish to another topic. During the week there has been much talk once again of a possible betrayal on the Island, between a man and a woman who are engaged.

The names that have been made are those of the Amaurys and Cecilia Capriotti. In the studio there is Cecilia who holds us to say that between them, there was nothing, among other things, she and the wife of Perez are very good friends. “I feel Antonella all the days and I want to clarify that Amaurys he is in love of her,” these are the words of Cecilia. But then takes the word Monica Setta, who is once again in connection with Craig from Rome.

Monica Setta throws the bomb: “it seems to Me that Craig has lived all of another Island, because he faces very particular to the things that you say. In particular on the history of Cecilia, and Amaurys, things for him have gone in a different way. It makes me understand that perhaps something in between them there is the state.” This is the comment of the journalist that leaves without words to all the people n the studio. Cecila asks that Craig says clearly what he thinks and Warwick says: “No comment, no comment”.

Cecilia Capriotti, however, there is and does not want to pass a different thing from that which is. “I expect Craig to say things as they are because otherwise I intervene to my lawyers, this thing is not I peace for nothing.” While Cecilia Capriotti spoke in the studio, the presenter included, were all open mouth, unable to believe what was happening.

However, when Barbara D'urso took the word, trying to make clarity and to ask Craig if between Cecilia and Amaurys there was something, English has once again withdrawn, as is more and more often. Luxuria has asked it to Craig to tell her, not to speak for the Sect. And apparently, also in this case, Warwck eaten what he said.

After the return from the advertising, Monica Setta and Craig explain that they do not have insinuated nothing, that wanted to say more. The discussion goes forward, but it is a point. The presenter makes the point that you are giving the numbers in the study. The Sect: “I can't talk about, we were also threatened with lawsuits, I was not there I have heard what I said to Craig”. Then to the question of the D'urso: “I have heard Craig say that you insinuasse this thing.”

The Capriotti: “But it's ridiculous this is too serious, you can't do so just because I said that you sued. Craig you are a person devious”.

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