Cdm, via the free-cutting of the subsidiaries and the dismissal “crafty card”

Published on Feb 17, 2017

First via free of the Cdm to the decrees Madia bis on the cut of the subsidiaries and the dismissal fastener to the ‘crafty card’. Are the corrective measures to the original text, which is already in force, that the Government has decided to launch after the judgment of the council on the reform of P. a. Pronunciation that has imposed the agreement with the Regions. Cdm, via the free-cutting of the subsidiaries and the dismissal “crafty card”. According to what is learned, instead of the yes to the reorganization of the medical managers of the Asl has been postponed, seeing that Madia would have sought the presence of even Lorenzin, a signatory of the decree, now absent. The changes on the decree of the subsidiaries relate to the extension of the deadline for the submission of plans of rationalization (from 23 march to 30 June) and the resulting lists of redundancies. Moved forward the deadline for the adaptation of the statutes to the new (end of July). Then there is a greater involvement of Regions in decision-making. In addition, the rule of the sole director is a bit softened, as there will be a decree on an ad hoc basis to establish the criteria for the derogation but simply the resolution, even if motivated, of the assembly. Measures for the “scoundrels” and widening the responsibility of the managers. On the crafty card does not change anything (only the extension of the deadlines for action against the damage to the image). It remains, therefore, confirmed all of the plant: a suspension in 48 hours and dismissal within one month for those who are caught swipe the badge and then go home. It is also made responsible for the figure of the leader: who turns the other side threatens to turn the dismissal. As regards, instead, the health managers of the Asl, the corrective decree will be examined in a future Cdm. The minister of the P. a, Marianna Madia, has preferred to rinviarne approval for courtesy institutional stay was meeting the owner of Health, Beatrice Lorenzin, or the minister who follows the substance of the measure. Reforming the state: text, expected in the Cdm. The decrees of the corrective measures passed in the Cdm will now have to gain the agreement in the unified Conference State-Regions, and the different opinions provided for by law, including, of course, those of parliamentary committees. In the meantime, are without prejudice to all intents and purposes, as stated by the Council of state and by the same remedial measures. As to the reform of the state, with news from the assessment to the assumptions, the texts are expected, always for the go-ahead for the preliminary, in the Cdm for the next week, probably on Thursday, 23 February. (ANSA)

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