Caterina Collovati accusation Alba Parietti: “has Not warned those who had been with her in the tv while having the symptoms of Covid19”


Published on May 06, 2020


In the episode of White Paper in a wave 5 may 2020, has arrived in surprise, the story of Alba Parietti, who apparently prefers to Rai 3 as a network to talk about what has happened, although it is often host to Live-Not the d'urso, where you continue to talk about the coronavirus, with so many witnesses. The Parietti has considered the White Paper a container most suitable for his story or perhaps, seeing that he received the answers that waited just a few hours before the live on Rai 3, has preferred to give his testimony immediately, without waiting for a direct Sunday.

Alba Parietti is good, and it is really pleasing that the consequences of the Covid 19 have not been serious but manageable so you can stay home and care for without the help of a doctor, as the rest have done so today, thousands of italians. In the last hours, however, social came a strong attack for Alba Parietti, on the part of Caterina Collovati, who noted that the show girl has not advised of duty, since a few hours before the day in which she identifies the symptoms, was on the television, with other people.

The charges of the Collovati are very strong.

And here is the hard attack of Caterina Collovati on social:

Last night I listened horrified the tale of the lady @albaparietti, to be aired on #cartabianca on Rai 3.

Apart from the fact that it was discovered suddenly that the Parietti is one of the virologists of the most important of the Country.

Speaking of neutralizing antibodies, plasmaforesi with the naturalness of the doctor who has spent his life in the fast lane , not in the tv lounges.

Up to now, I will say you can change the channel.

Less evil I have done.

I'm upset because exactly one day before the onset of the symptoms to which it reports, I was with her and others, the present transmission #livenoneladurso .

Mrs Parietti said he had the day after, on the 9th of march, fever, sore throat, fatigue, and had decided independently to get in quarantine, realizing the difficulties of the hospitals and medical clinics.

I wonder why she failed to feel alone or through Mediaset, all those who on Sunday 8 march, had been in contact with her.

If the memory does not betray me it was the subscribed @gianluigi.nuzzi, #candidamorvillo, @carmelo_abbate, #mariogiordano, @francescofacchinetti , without forgetting the hair and makeup and the entire staff, which at that time was still in the studies.

If Alba Parietti stands to scrupulous the town, aware most of the scientists on the severity of the virus, the only thing that has made a’ very grave, saw that there was an obligation to report cases and to alert the contacts.

Speaking of quarantine, voluntary, closing, in a room of your home, to avoid infecting the home, except to go out very quickly from the room, slip the vestititino, and to go by @barbaracarmelitadurso to Live on the 22nd of march, even at the end of the fourteenth day of the cloistered and on the 29th of march.

Now , fortunately, at me nothing has happened to others I don't know, but I would like to stop hear lessons on how to behave, about the usefulness of the mask, and if italians are stupid, except you, of course...

Clearly the response of Alba Parietti it was decided to get. Here in his words.

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