Caterina Balivo bursts into tears live ‘And’ dead...

Published on Oct 26, 2018

The news has struck in the deep: Caterina Balivo broke down in tears, not able to withstand the emotion. The news has shocked

The special Guest of the television program of Caterina Balivo, “Come to me” is the singer and actress Lina Sastri. In the living room in the afternoon program of Rai, the famous singer of naples has told that is going through a time so difficult, and moved, has spoken of the death of the mother.

During the interview, he talked about open-heart of his professional and private life and, in particular, the beautiful relationship with the mother. The Sastri has also written a book entitled “The House of Ninetta” dedicated to our mother, which shows a deep bond between parent and daughter. The book written by the singer may soon become a movie.

Live, Lina Sastri said of the illness that led to the mother: the Alzheimer's disease. The Astrologer, with tears in her eyes and was able to paint in the mind of the studio audience and those at home, the portrait of a strong woman able to transform the suffering into a lesson.

Finally, Lina Sastri touches everyone including the Governor with these words:

“The port around the voice of Ninetta, my mother. She sang while she did the service, like all the women of our land. I wake up with a mother who I was close to, was a housewife, and she had a wonderful voice. I have written a book dedicated to her, “The house of Ninetta”.

The singer has specified:

She died of alzheimer's, but she died with grace. And she has left me and my brother all what I have most precious. I hope soon to make a film about his life”.

Fans of the actress and singer of neapolitan are near and we all hope that things can get better.

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