Cat meat for sale: the scandal!

Published on Mar 25, 2017

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Lately on the web is turning an image that is very equivocal, which has aroused strong reactions in various social media: the photo of an animal, dead and wrapped to be sold in the supermarket, on the packaging it reads the word “cat”. It seems, therefore, that a well-known supermarket Italian sell cat meat to the general public.

It's obviously a photomontage, just look at the photo more carefully, in fact, to understand that it is a simple rabbit, one of the many sold on the counters of the meat at the supermarket, and not of the flesh of a cat.
The hoax, however, hit the mark and many users, the animal in the first place, you have let yourself go to the comments of indignation and complaint to the image published.

There is not to say, however, that all this indignation, however, is not justified: the life of an animal applies in the same way, whether it's a cat and a rabbit, so why get angry so much?
Or he makes a choice of the radical camp, or better to go back to pretend nothing happened.

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