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Published on Nov 07, 2018


On the 26th of October was the date that fans of Castlevania were waiting with anxiety: on this day, in fact, have been published in the second season of the original animated series Netflix Castlevania (here you can find our review), and this collection of classic video games of the series. Unfortunately, however, this gem is not available for everyone, because this bundle integrates the versions of Rondo of Blood and Symphony of the Night that are part of the collection Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles published all over the world for the PSP between 2007 and 2008, Sony holds the rights to publish this collection in exclusive for PS4. The purchase can be made only through the PlayStation Store at a cost of € 19.99.

This collection was first announced on 26 September this year, the day on which to commemorate the 32nd anniversary of the saga of Castlevania.

Rondo of Blood and Symphony of the Night are two of the chapters most successful of the entire Castlevania series, and the choice to propose them also on PS4 not can that be pleasing to fans of old. The two chapters are linked together, so if you are a new followers, the council is to play Symphony of the Night after Rondo of Blood. The veterans, however, will probably want to go straight to the point: without taking anything away in the title of the 1993, Symphony of the Night is a masterpiece, immense and timeless, the fundamental basis in the history of video games to be the true progenitor of the genre Metroidvania, as well as one of video games most beautiful of all times still today, 21 years after its publication. Let us now analyze briefly the salient features of both the securities included in the Castlevania: Requiem.


Released in 1993 for the PC, this title, as well as Symphony of the Night, was also made available for the PSP between 2007 and 2008, prior to that this year for the PS4. The protagonist of this adventure is Richter Belmont, who go in darkness to rescue his beloved Annette, armed with his faithful whip, but will have at its disposal six secondary weapons. During the exploration you can also complete some secondary missions. It is primarily an action video game classic from the very dynamic gameplay.

Directly connected to Rondo of Blood, Symphony of the Night (known simply as SOTN among fans) saw the light for the first time as far back as 1997. The NCi would be so much to say about this absolute masterpiece of the gaming industry that I wouldn't know where to begin, but I'll try to be concise. Despite the 21 years since its first publication, SOTN was and still remains one of video games most beautiful, richest and best-made of all times.

Here, the main protagonist of the story will be the noble and distinguished son of Dracula, Alucard, he, too, moved by the desire to put an end to the curse of her father's castle.

The title introduces the saga of Castevania for the first time elements typical of RPGS, and it includes many elements, such as a wide range of weapons usable (also the move set will be different), whether they are primary or secondary, the opportunity to freely explore Dracula's castle using the help of Familiars, which are useful in battle, both in attack and defence, but also to unlock a street secret. And here we enter into my favorite part: the secrets of Symphony of the Night, which of course will not reveal here, but which are so many that not to discover them will boost your game experience by a few hours, because many of these are linked to the opening of secret paths and hidden. Also, if you have never heard of the genre Metroidvania, you are in front of his parent.

The richness of the gameplay and environments that can be explored, combined with the characters well-characterized and a rich history of mysteries and a soundtrack nothing short of memorable, the work of Michiru Yamane, makes this title a must-have for every player.

Veterans of Castlevania will notice that there are differences in the English dubbing compared to the old version of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, which, together with the presence of the menu in Italian, may displace the veteran of SOTN; this element, together with the presence of some small extras in the game, depends on the fact that we are faced with the porting of the porting of the same library output years ago for the PSP. In addition to this, there are the following new features:

Castlevania: Requiem – Symphony of the Night & Rondo of Blood contains within it two of the most iconic of the saga, as well as one of the game's most beautiful and exciting of the story.

Undoubtedly it would be possible to insert some extras, such as a collection of wonderful illustrations for these titles, which were a very important source of inspiration for create a dark visual imagery of the animated series produced by Netflix Castlevania, or an initial menu, a little less bare-bones. In spite of this, we are facing two works immense that every player should have the possibility to play at least once in your life, even if, believe me, play it one time in Symphony of the Night is virtually impossible. For this, I really hope that, sooner or later, this collection will also be available for all other platforms of the game.

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