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Published on Sep 07, 2019


In 1962, Tatsuo Yoshida, with the brothers Kenji and Toyoharu (but the latter probably know him better as Ippei Kuri), he founded the production company Tatsunoko, the symbol, the seahorse, became a synonym for animation that preceded the times. If in the first years of the anime have been released from his studies seek to tap various genres (the adventures of The Ape Maga, Ippotommaso, Supercar, Mach 5), it was in 1972 that Yoshida launches a new original production that will make the school, or Kagaku Ninjatai Gatchaman; the group of five heroes will soon be followed in later years by three other famous heroes “mechanical”: the Classic, Polimar, and Tekkaman.

The classic boy android (in the original Shinzō ningen voiced by) is an anime television show of 35 episodes, 1973. The series is detached from Gatchaman, as it has an atmosphere more gloomy and pessimistic. The plot is soon told: dr. Azuma, a great expert in robotics, has built four androids: black king, Sagure, Akubon and Barashin. The four androids are supposed to help humanity solve the problem of pollution, but due to a massive short-circuit will acquire a will of their own and rebel against their creator: their new goal is the subjugation of the whole human race, considered responsible for the degradation. The son of Azuma, Tetsuya, offers itself to be transformed into an android capable of facing the enemy. After a first hesitation, the father agrees and the experiment is successful: the young Tetsuya is now Casshern, who is accompanied by his faithful dog Lucky, now transformed into the robot Flender, capable of transforming into various vehicles to fly or pierce the soil (a characteristic that will be shooting in Polimar), and by his mother Midori, whose consciousness has been poured into a swan robot.

The struggle of the Classic is not appreciated by human beings that he saves, wary of this creature, so similar to the robot that will kill the human race; being half-way between the robot and the human, Casshern is a unique individual who is not more similar to himself and that is constantly betrayed by his neighbor. The myth of the founding of this anime is, therefore, a critical distrust of science that does not put limits on who can create monsters without knowing it and that he can still control.
The other theme basic is the rejection of war, symbol of suffering: one must not forget, moreover, that Tatsuo Yoshida was twenty years since the second world war was over (in fact, the characterization of the bad guys reminiscent of some nazi leaders), and certainly his youth was marked by that event, as it marked an entire generation of manga-kas. The rest we worked with superstars of the animation in japan, as Yoshiyuki Tomino (Gundam), taki shunsuke Kikuchi (music of Dragon Ball) or Yoshitaka Amano (Final Fantasy).

But it is precisely these issues it certified the long-lasting success among the various generations, despite the signs of the time see on the original series. As evidence of this, in 1993, to celebrate the twenty year anniversary, Tatsunoko released an OVA of the Classic myth in four episodes (published by Yamato Video in Italy), while in 2004 it was made Casshern – The rebirth (Time Code), a movie, a live-action that deviates very much for the themes and storyline from the original series; and finally we come to 2008 when Madhouse has produced its own version of the animated series of the Tatsunoko titled Casshern Sins 24 episodes. The plot is very different from the original, even if the protagonist continues his be divided either by robots than by humans, but here they are both in a desperate situation. Casshern then not remember anything of what he himself has done, and he embarks on a journey in an attempt to recover the memory.

Casshern Sins deviates from the original series, as you can see even just from the charadesign of Yoshihiko Umakoshi (Saint Seiya Omega, and is known enough to tell the truth...) by appearing with a completely renewed graphics and a story dark, dynamic, strong, but very “human”, good and bad, that will surprise even fans of the historical character: Casshern has in effect immediately reboot himself, which has made it modern and tormented in an anime that does not look more to the kids. Of great importance is also the technical sector, despite some of the episodes with the advance of the series reveal a decline in quality (which is a shame, given the overall quality): the staff are the director Shigeyasu Yamauchi (who has directed several films of the Knights of The Zodiac and Dragon Ball Z), the composer Kaoru Wada (the Knights of The Zodiac – The Lost Canvas, Inuyasha) and the screenwriter Yasuko Kobayashi.

Lately, Casshern is back in the manga world, as well as in video games, with Infini-T Force (in Italy for J-POP), in which we see a version even more young superoeroe, flanked by the other characters Tatsunoko, they also reworked.

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