Cassandra Jean, wife of Stephen Amell, will play in the crossover of the Arrowverse

Published on Sep 18, 2018

Cassandra Jean Amell will star opposite her husband in the crossover of the tv series Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl in the wave in December 2018. Arrowverse: the crossover aired on December

For months now circulating in the web rumors and images of the much awaited crossover that will involve the three DC series Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl. To be precise, on December 9, will broadcast the first part in the episode of The Flash, the 10th of December there will be the second part of the Arrow, and on December 11, the last part will be transmitted with the episode of Supergirl.

There are two important events that the fans are waiting for with anxiety. The first is the return of Tyler Hoechlin in the role of Superman at her side, Elizabeth Tulloch in the role of Lois Lane. The second is the introduction of the figure of Batwoman, played by Ruby Rose, who will appear in the crossover waiting for a series all of its own. But in these days it was also confirmed the presence of Cassandra Jean, the wife of Stephen Amell, in a role very interesting.

Stephen Amell, the interpreter of the Green Arrow, will have to share the set with the wife. Cassandra Jean, actress and model, she was chosen to play the role of Nora Fries, the wife of Mr. Freeze, the famous villain of DC Comics. According to the comics, Nora was frozen from her husband because she suffers from a terminal illness.

In this way there would be time to find a cure, but things don't go as planned, and Victor Fries became the dangerous criminal that everyone is familiar with the name Mr. Freeze. At the moment were not disclosed details on how you developed the plot.

A few days ago, Stephen Amell has posted on social a GIF in which you see the character of Nora Fries in a tube cryogenic before the touch of Mr. Freeze. Of course, the actor has wanted to and been able to reveal anything more, but among the fans there is already a lot of curiosity.

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