Case Slicoo dual layer for iPhone 6/6s


Published on May 28, 2016


The new case Slicoo iPhone 6/6s (but also available for Plus models) ensures a high level of protection, thanks to the double layer integrated.

The case Slicoo is made of plastic ricilata semi-rigid TPU material: dual layer TPU runs along the entire outline of the iPhone, protecting it from scratches, while the plastic ensures a good protection in case of falls. From this point of view, the Slicoo is on a very good level, both in the case of the impact of falls. The shape fits perfectly to the iPhone.

The design is very particular. On the back there's a big wave on the bottom part of black color, with another part always in a TPU to three rounded tips. On the left is the logo Slicoo, while the Apple logo of the iPhone stands out thanks to an opening identical in shape to the three rounded tips described above. The same goes for the camera, with a more than enough space to take photos with flash. In general, it is a design that is balanced and pleasant.

The Slicoo thus distinguishes itself to the curves and rounded corners, which are present virtually everywhere. On the front, the TPU color black with all the edges of the iPhone, with the parts marked in the vicinity of the hardware buttons and openings in the vicinity of the speaker, microphone and button vibration. On the bottom we find three different holes, and not a single opening (usually prefer). Aesthetically it is, therefore, a case very original, that definitely makes the iPhone more “jaunty”. Is also excellent, and the ergonomics ensured, since the housing also ensures a good friction. Good weight, 56 grams.

The Slicoo is a case made with good materials (we appreciate the choice of recycled plastic), capable of ensuring an excellent protection. The design is of course subjective (we've found very sympathetic), while the choice of the individual holes is perhaps not very functional.

Insertion and extraction of the iPhone in the standard, nor uncomfortable, nor comfortable. In any case, all the buttons are protected by TPU.

Available in different colors, Slicoo can be purchased at the price of 7,99€ (10,99€ for the yellow color). Here are the versions for iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus.


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