Case Roberta Ragusa: Sara Shoemaker for the first time on tv at the Fourth Grade


Published on Jul 08, 2019


For the first time on television, Sara Shoemaker was a guest of the Fourth Degree, the program, conducted by Gianluigi Nuzzi. A few hours after the judgment of the Supreme court regarding the guilt or innocence of Antonio Logli for the murder of Robera Ragusa and the concealment of his corpse, the companion of man, has decided to participate in the transmission to tell her. For Sara, that about 5 years ago, lives in the house with the two children of Anthony and Roberta, there are no doubts: the Logli has not killed his wife. Daniele and Alessia, two children of the couple, last week had explained always in the study Network 4, that for them will be, there will always be and that even if the Logli were to go to prison, she will remain with them.

For me, it is innocent. I looked into his eyes and I asked him. He answered me with the same gaze and the sincerity with which he tells me that he loves me

these are the words of Sara in the transmission Network 4. In the episode were also read any excerpts of the letters that Sara and Antonio exchanged. In one dated 2012, Sara tells a story of love that lasts for eight years. In the same letter he speaks of the possibility of the return of Roberta: Sara promises to the Logli who will help him as you can.

The letter written after the death of Roberta, demonstrates, as noted by the conductor, which Sara and Antonio have not lived immediately together.

Sara reiterates its position: it has continued to stand at the side of Antonio, because he never doubted her innocence and hopes that the Italian justice system, see what she sees. “Could never do anything like this,” said Sara to the Network camera, the 4 referring to Antonio Logli.

When asked as ever a few hours after the death of Roberta, Antonio tell you to throw the mobile phones, she replies: “I said that was to protect me, he knew the situation that I had in the house. I would have been in trouble if at home they had known “.

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