Case, Pamela Prati: the truth of Georgette Polizzi


Published on May 15, 2019


The reality star says her

The case of Pamela Prati seems to have a passionate nation such as has not happened from the story of love cursed between the king of paparazzi Fabrizio Corona, currently behind bars, and Asia Argento. The question is simple: it is uncertain whether the promised husband of the showgirl, Marco Caltagirone, exists or not, and if the marriage between the two is real or hype advertising.

This dark matter has been spoken about for hours and hours in the salons of the most prestigious of Italian television. The antigen-presenting Italian have tried to understand something and all, by Silvia University, Barbara D'urso, have been left in uncertainty from a Pamela Prati at times desperate, at times ambiguous, and the mystery remains unsolved.

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To speak, now, is Georgette Polizzi, fashion designer and former contestant of " Temptation Island, which was exposed to the defense of Pamela Prati and its agents, Eliana Michelazzo and Daniela Perricciolo, seems to have taken a step back and wanted to tell those Who are his impressions of a story that becomes ever more elusive.

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“We were in the dressing room of Barbara D'urso, before entering the bet. Eliana wrote with a certain Mark Cal, and he responded with an audio message. I've seen it, I heard the audio. Later in the episode, and I realize that things are not going back” said the woman. “Eliana show me photos. But I do not trust. At that point I ask for evidence of the existence of Mark once and for all and Women's Pamela makes me see a different photo from the one that Eliana had showed me in the dressing room. The rest shocked. Because they are showing me two different images?”

That is not the end here: “What struck me and pushed me to speak are the lies spoken to the University, the history of foreclosures that has denied, the different photos of this husband. Lies on lies. I can not do more. And all that I have said I have no evidence. Is clear.”

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